Advertisement our strong marketing image, market presence as

Advertisement Action Plan ( Channel,
Segment, Budget )


Year 3 Marketing Advertisement objectives


• Increasing 50% in direct booking within
a period of 12 months. 
• Build brand awareness and reputation by increasing website visitors to 15000
by end of year 3.
• To increase market share to 20% by end of year 3.


Market Segment

As our hotel is located in the city center
with many office buildings, our main target segment is business guests, as they
have more spending power and are less price sensitive. However during the
weekends we will foucs on leisure guests such as families.


Marketing Budget

In the Second year of operations, we
increased our advertisment budget and advertisment in all catagories, we received
positive feed back all year round regarding our strong marketing image, market
presence as well as our special offers and easy accessibility to hotel
information. This year we will spend 3% more on each category to continue the


Marketing Strategy


The Internet is most important marketing
distribution channel in hospitality industry. Internet marketing can help hotel
generate siginificant revenues. We believe that a complete, return on
investment centric Internet marketing strategy is the perfect tool in this
competitive environment. Besides building a convenient and helpful hotel
websites below listed are other marketing strategies.


Building strong TripAdvisor profile 
TripAdvisor is the largest travel review site in the world, this is a great
platform for customers to find our hotel online among competitors, leave
suggestions, and give recommendations to other travelers.


Attracting locals


Starting off by attracting locals to
becoming our regular F&B customers with discounts and special promotions
such as nightly happy hours. Making our hotel not soley relying on tourist.
Locals can also serve as a word of mouth advertisment and recommending our
hotel to others.


Loyalty Program

loyalty program to rewards regular customers
with discounts, freebies, and promotional incentives. It’s an efficient way to
get repeat guests. Business travelers often visit the same city many time
during a particualr time frame. A loyalty program can encourage them to stay at
our hotel every time they visit the city. Perks such as discount on first
booking or awarding points for every stay and recommendations will be offered
for members.



Refurbishment, Facilities and Services


During Year 1 and 2 we put a lot of
importance on refurbishment and facilities, as we believe that it is our main
source to increase revenue. We signed a cleaning service contract for all
facilities all year round to keep up with the quality service and product we
promised to offer. During these two years we received feedback that we have a
wide rang of facilities and services. This proves that investing budget in
Refurbishment, Facilities and services has a positive impact. We would like to
increase our guest satisfaction average percentage to 90% in year 3 as compared
to 75% in year 2 as guest satisfaction has an influence on ADR. We will start
refurbishment during low season in quarter 1 so that by high season, everything
will be new and high quality. We will also introduce new facilities such as
lobby bar and executive lounge as we have many business guests. By meetings all
the needs of our guests and providing quality facilities we believe our guests
will be satisfied and their guest perceived value would be higher which will
give us the opportunity to increase our ADR contributing to the revenue.


Debts and Reimbursement


Our remaining Bank loan in Year 2 is
18,980,446 SFr and the cash we have is 942,563 SFr. We are expecting a 3
percent increase in profit in year 3. Major renovations are not expected during
this year of operations, therefore most of our cash in hand will be used to pay
loans. This can help us to reduce our expenses in paying loan interests and leave
us with more capital and benefits the hotel by achieving maximum profitability