Advertisements dominate television and play an important role on day to day life. Many of us are influenced into buying the item that the company is trying to sell, due to the advertisements being so good at pursuading the public to buy what ever they are trying to sell. The advertisements acomplish this in result of all the conventions used within the advertisements. Conventions play a huge part when trying to sell something, from Location, lighting and sound, all the way through to the camera angles. all of the conventions used are purposly there to draw the viewer in and to make their product look better than it really is.

The conventions used are varied from advertisement to advertisement, depending on what is actually being sold. For exaple, if a small childrens toy was being advertised, conventions such as a colourful setting, happy sounds and lots of movement would be used in result of a dark setting,(to portray the item better) well known music and a influencal voice over, all used to try and sell the product.

The Grande Punto advertisement is soley based on a stylish adventure through the world, as if to show that anything is possible and that you could easily see all these amazing sights if you had the car, but when you stop to think about it, it sounds pretty farfetched as you then realize that you wouldnt be able to travel the world, just because you have this specific car. The car starts off in a dark carpark, then slowly goes from stylish scene, to scene to scene, untill all of the information has been presented to the viewer, the emotive music and authoritive voiceover playing all of the way through.

The Grande Punto advertisement is widely targeted as I believe that is is targeted at all ages,(over 18) but more to the lower ages. I think that the music (cover version of “Sweet Dreams”)is targeted at the younger public as they might want to stop their job and explore the world, or maybe just explore a new job, but are more able to do this as they generally dont have as much responsibility as the older generation.

The location is the most obvious convention used and is proberbly the most important, as this is the main feature used to sell the car due to the “travell the world” aspect. Throughout the scenes, stylish, modern builidngs surround the car when it is supposingly traveling the world, but this is proberbly all set in one part of the world or in a studio, but the audience automatically think that the car has travelled the world. Many advertisements and programmes such as soaps use this to their advantage. The location is hugely important as the scenery tries to show that the car is very stylish and modern, and plays on the viewers immagination as the majority of them will imagine themselves in the car, this is evidence that shows the car could be for the younger generation, but other conventions are used to show that the older generation would like it just as much.

Safety features are made very visible as the company is proud of the five star rating for safety they have recieved from many different sources. In large bold letters “5 Star safety” is situated in the middle of the screen. This attracts the older generation as this is the one of the most important qualities they are looking for as the may have a family, in contrast to the younger generation who just want a good looking car. When the safety feature aspect is combined with the immaginative setting, the target audience as instantly grown, resulting in more sale, what advertisements are made for.

Encouraging words are said throughout the advertisement that add to the positive thoughts and immagination of the car. Words such as “think big” are said in a slow, clear, authoritive voice that is very dominant which could portray the car as a car that is owned by a controlled individual who knows how to live his life and such things as travel the world.

Everything in an advertisement is their for a purpose, including the lighting. In many of the scenes little or no lighting is used at all, apart from the headlights of the car. This is because if something is not associated of better sales of the car, and maybe less sales, it wouldnt be in the advertisement. Their is little lighting due to the producers not wanting to distract any attention to the car, or something that would make the car on something else, such as lighting. Ohter scenes also use little lighting, when the car is outside on its jorney the only light is natural light, but even now the sky is dull for the same reason as before. All the way through the advertisement, the headlights on the car are very bright, this is to draw the viewers attention to the car other than elsewhere.

Their isnt any diegetic or non – diegetic sound used apart from the music that is played. The cover version of “Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson is used in association with the location with the travel the world idea. When tied in with the voice over and the stylish scenery, the music becomes quite emotive as it is another convention that plays on the viewers imagination due to the content within the song, inspirational words such as “explore the world and the seven sees” is an exact example of what the song is about. The fact that the song is well known also benefits the advertisement as people may not switch the channel, just because they like, and recognise the music that is being played.

If their was one specific thing that this advertisement contains to try and make the advertisement better and different from all others, it would be the camera craft. Many camera shots are used throughout, for example in the first scene is the camera stays still whilst the car approaches at a full on view, due to the car driving slowly it shows that the car is starting its journey and looks dominating as it slowly gets bigger and bigger. Dolly out shots are used throughout the advertisement, the first happens in the second scene when the camera slowly moves away at an angle of the car driving through a dark place, with a restricted view due to brick pillars being in the way.

Further into the advertisement, the camera does such things as zoom in and follow the car on a dolly, allowing the viewer to see loads of different perspectives of the car. A shot reverse shot is used when the car starts to travel over the stylish bridge, this allows us to see different views of the car due to different angles and the difference betweent the camera and the various distances of the car. The most simplist shot used is where it is just one shot from a crane, without the car in sight, this allows the viewer to see everything from one single shot due to the height that the camera is at. This shot is used as it is not very exciting due to the fact that information such as “Style Italian Design” is placed in the middle of the frame, and is their to be read, not to ignored to look at the car.

The Punto travells slowly all the way throught the advertisement to show authority, and for the viewer to get a good look at what the car actually looks like, if the car was driving at a speedy pace all the way through, people wouldn’t be able to see much of the car, as well as the risk of the older percentage of the target audience being put off as they feel that it is some knid of boy racer car, which could half the amount of possible sales. the music is also quite slow, but is still influencal because of the words that are actually sang.

The Fiat logo does appear right at the end of the advertisement, again, this is purposly done so the audience remember what company make the car they have just seen. Along with the logo, the price is also shown, trying to look as small as possible by saying “from ..” and the phsycological price that trys to sound smaller than it actually is.