After mad whether they are from a certain

analyzing the data above and understanding the implied meaning of each tweet
and quote following the questions from Foucault’s perspective, this shows and
proves that Donald Trump often uses racist language. As a president of the most
powerful country in the world, U.S.A., problems have emerged inside and outside
the country. Many countries and people got offended by what he says and thinks
about them, which therefore, made many people mad whether they are from a certain
religious or racial group. The language that Trump normally uses in public
discourses or speeches is explicit, offensive, rude, humiliating, and of course
racist. Furthermore, as a president of the U.S., he uses his power and
authority to express and say what he wants, without paying attention to the
words he chooses, or at least, considering people’s feelings and reactions.

is also noticeable by the analyzed data that Trump is against anyone who is not
Christian white American to enter the U.S., which lays into conclusion that
this is not an appropriate thing a president should do. Moreover, this affects
negatively on his public image, as well as his society and even other societies,
and incites people to think and do the same way towards others which could
create hatred and discrimination between nations only by using language.
Finally, language is an important tool to express what people want, but it has
to be used and expressed correctly because it affects people’s minds and
societies, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary problems and disputes around
the world. It is best for Donald Trump, as a person in a powerful position, if
he could have expressed exactly what he wanted but in a better and appropriate
way. For instance, use less offensive language and words, this would make a
totally different reaction and response from people and media, and Trump would
be more respected by people because he has respected himself first, his words,
and the others, even if he had criticized someone or something. This means that
the use of words and language matters in all aspects especially expressing
opinions, and would cause less conflicts and misunderstanding.