Ahmed gather people around them, and how people

Ahmed AlmaethaliEssay1All people around the world are leaders. However, the real leaders are those who discover (have) the tendency of leading in their personalities. I believe that every single person in this world is leading his/her self to do the right things in a process that called self-leadership. For me, I discovered my leading abilities when I grew up and started to recognize what is right and what is wrong, and how leadership could influence people. It is impressive how leaders use their aptitudes to gather people around them, and how people are being affected, which I have observed through my few leadership positions I have been in charge of. Moreover, I am creative in a way that makes me good at solving problems and in setting magnificent projects. Additionally, patience makes me a good team leader when it comes to dealing with other members. Therefore, I am planning to work on myself through any leading opportunities and positions during not only my years at university but also after graduation in order to develop my leading skills.

I think that playing a leadership role in the university would not be that difficult because all what matters is how to deal with students just like me, or how to lead a team. In addition, I have participated in so many activities and team works during high school life. For instance, I was one of the team leaders who prepared the First Graduation Ceremony of Jamal Abdulnasir High School for Outstanding Students. Hence, I think I will be able to play many leadership roles at university, such as creating a group that does volunteering work. Social activities would help improving skills of mine and other students’ as well. I also find that student council would be a great chance for me to take at university, as it is a great opportunity to practice official work. Thus, I plan to run myself for the students’ elections.Unlike playing a leadership role in universities and schools, having a good leadership position after graduation would be a challenge for me because I believe that only the real leaders can have some influential positions in the society.

That is why I am planning to take advantage of my leadership ability and complete my graduate studies in my field, so I hopefully would be one of those brilliant presidents or businessmen in the near future.Finally, after completing PhD, as a patriotic leader, I would think of nothing but coming back home and serving my country. I also find that empowering nascent leaders would be one of my major goals then as they can help build a developed country.