Aim: city expanded. Then the next ring is

Aim: To compare the differences in housing and the
environmental quality of the inner city area -the Gorbals and the suburban area
–Newton Mearns Greenlaw development.

The Gorbals is an inner city land use zone, which is located
at the South of the River Clyde. The inner city land use zone is a mixed land
use. It is made up of old tenements style housing, a few remaining high rise
flats, old industrial areas, derelict areas and brownfield sites which are
cleared sites awaiting new developments. It is a zone which is undergoing
redevelopment and change to try and improve its reputation and appearance.  It is therefore called the ‘zone of transition’.

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The Burgess Concentric Ring Model of land uses in cities
shows that cities grow outwards in a series of concentric rings of land use. The
CBD in the middle is the historical centre around which the city expanded. Then
the next ring is the inner city, a low class housing (inner suburbs) and
industrial area, then the middleclass housing (outer suburbs) and the commuter suburban
zone is at the outer ring. This zone is also called the rural urban fringe, because
it continues to grow into the rural countryside.  The burgess model was based upon the city of
Chicago and was created by Ernest Burgess, a sociologist in 1925.

The model is based upon the geographical economic theory
known as the bid-rent theory.  The theory
discuss to the idea on how the price, the demand for land changes with distance
from the CBD and the quality of the housing and environment as well.  

In The CBD, the land is most expensive and in high demand.
Shops and offices can only afford the high prices of the land. Businesses want
the most accessible location, the high people flows and the most profitable
sites. The buildings are often high storey buildings. The inner city areas have
a mix if industry, terrace/tenement housing and flats. Nonetheless the further
you move away from the CBD, the less willing commercial business become the more
willing industry because on the edge of towns (the suburbs) there is more land
available for expansion if needed, therefore residential land use is found.  In Greenlaw Development, the houses are varied
in a mix of housing styles. They are bigger detached family houses in quiet,
curved streets with cul-de-sacs and separated from the main roads, making it
safer for families. Other developers like to build out of town shopping centres
to compete with the shops in the CBD. Out of town locations attracts more
people than the congested and out of date shop units in the CBD, boosting its

Yet again the further you move from the CBD, the price, demand
and quality of housing changes because the land is cheaper developers can build
larger homes, with gardens and garages. These areas are at the rural urban
fringe so there is also access to parks, golf courses and leisure areas.