Alcohol the government to take ownership and watch

Alcohol Industry
Within these industries there are many different kinds of products and services that are offered to consumers depending on their liking. Freedom to choose what you want and what you choose to purchase is what each human has the right to do. The issue that lies in the consumer’s hand is the culture in excess abuse; people who choose to take in these products in high dosages and undermine their integrity. Certain industries require the excess of consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any other products to maintain sales.
Companies worldwide go through coordination with large investments in which are not prepared to lose their money because they are betting on everything they have without insurance. The release of products to the industry come after careful examination which show the results of efficiency. The consumer trusts the companies they buy from, and even then, they have a hard time seeing through someone who has been in a rehabilitation facility for alcohol or other drug dependencies will not continue to use these products. I am sure these companies even expect those people will return to consuming more of their products.
The main reason for me defending the consumer is because I am one of them. My sole purpose is to make an impression on my customers, but not to ruin their lives. Analyzing these issues is difficult, it is not only the fault of the supplier but also the government who has just as much influence. The big capitalism plays the politics and this is no secret to the consumer. It is up to each department in the government to take ownership and watch that rules are being applied, if they do not comply, they pay the millions in taxes they should. However, these companies need to make sure they are recovering their obligation because of that, they are abusing the customers they have.
Basically, the role that is played by capitalism in every company is simple and is called control, the one thing the government wants is to maintain control of all citizens, not only the businessmen but the consumers as well. “Capitalism is not as bad as many of us see it, the problem is that the rules are so greedy that they just want the money and power to a few companies.” (Harvard Business School 2009)
Many of the corporations are public entities which is all under the government policy control, this explains how the capital of the riches tend to grow and also the power, but poverty remains the same. As you see, capitalist control the money and the power continues to dominate.
In my opinion, there are very seldom companies that tend to show interest to consumer welfare. When I say this, I do not mean these companies are all similar but instead there are very few who really do care about their consumers. This makes me consider that at some point during our lives, we have expierenced both sides of this coin, on a seldom occasion we are lucky that the good companies have tried to give the best of themselves in order to help the consumer. Unfortunately, the corporate rules do not favor the consumer.
Government has a lot of entities who actually do help consumers. I hate to blame anyone single handily because this country has a good thing as well. It is unfortunate that some companies are selfish and they are only trying to help their own gain, this greed is creative on their part and they are thirsty for the money.