Alex Reality”. This article really stood out to

Alex Pappas

January 28, 2017




Technology advances more
and more each day. With that being said, it’s essential to adapt to this new
culture and to thoroughly understand each concept. Technology has several uses,
it is used for entertainment,
businesses and education around the world. With all it’s different uses comes
many opportunities and interest among individuals. I plan on working in the
field of communications when I am done with my time here at
Indiana University. Believe it or not, technology plays a large role in
communications today. Not everything is settled in person, in fact, majority of the communications in
today’s world are done through cell phones and

Virtual Reality (VR) has become an internet sensation over the
past year, and has seemed to always catch my attention. To further explain,
virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image
or environment that can be interacted with in a
seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment,
such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors”. Certain
goggles/headgear has been the number one seller for virtual reality, and the
market itself is actually on pace to be worth one hundred and
fifty billion by the year 2020. Which is an outstanding number for a product
that hasn’t been in business for that long. Personally, I fell into the social
media trap of all the hype surrounding virtual reality and that has caused me
to grow my interest and attention towards it. I like this type of technology
because of how futuristic it is and what it makes you think of what is to come.

In my eyes and really opens up my mind for what is yet to come in my later
years of life.

The article I have read and researched is entitled “16 Experts Predict the Future of Virtual Reality”. This
article really stood out to be because of its simplicity
yet power to make a statement. Each statement is very
valid yet open ended and makes you think on
your own. Expert Todd Hooper, CEO of VREAL states, “virtual reality
brings a completely new way to experience, interact, and play with your
friends, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.” I liked this specific
quote because it goes back to the main reason I was interested in researching this topic,
the possibilities. The fact that manufacturers and engineers have only
“scratched the surface” means that the window of opportunity is massive. As of
now, VR hasn’t quite yet been qualified as an everyday tool, but looking ahead,
it may very well be in the upcoming years.

                  Virtual reality basically tricks your brain into
believing you are in a three-dimensional world. Through personally experience,
you basically feel like you are escaping from reality and going into a whole
different world. This idea brings many options into the
fields of education, mental health and a whole variety of other fields. But as
we all know, there’s no technology that only brings positives, there’s always
two sides to things. The main cons to virtual reality is the cost that comes
with it, the idea of becoming addicted to such a different world, and the
mental risks of escaping reality. I can attest that I did feel very strange
after using the device and then taking it off a short while after.  Yet,
with that being said, in my opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives. The
main pro that comes to my mind is the effect that it can have on our military,
education and health care. Virtual reality could be next level technology for
the military, they could use this technology to get a detailed view of a
certain place to plan and map out ideas.

                  Technology plays a huge role in my area of
interest and the future of America in general. As an undergraduate at Indiana
university I plan on majoring in informatics and minoring in marketing. I enjoy
communicating with people which is why I chose to minor in marketing, so my
interest of jobs is in the fields of business technology. Virtual reality could
change the future of business communications forever. Businesses could
literally have business meeting with overseas employees by just sitting on a
couch. It’s truly unbelievable to think about what this technology could do for
the future of the united states.


When we are talking about the future, there’s no better show
than “Black Mirror” to do the explaining. In the ways of virtual reality,
season 3, episode 2, “Playtest” is a great example of how it is used in
television. In this episode, there are several scientist and doctors who are
working on a virtual reality chip that is inserted into your brain to enhance
many sights and visions. The main character in this episode is Cooper, he had
just recently lost his credit card and had looked up short term jobs, one of
them being a test dummy for this experiment of this new technology. The chip is
easily inserted into Coopers head and then the scientist tests out several
virtual reality tests that eventually turn out to be dangerous. Cooper is
entered into a white room, and without him even knowing what is going on his
virtual reality experience beings and he is taken to a haunted house to test
out the emotional effects which turn out to be way too extreme and fatal.

As I mentioned earlier, the effects of virtual reality have the
power to be too extreme and the time away from reality can impact mental
damage. The technology used in “Black Mirror” aren’t quite yet available in
real life but it’s almost like a prediction of what is to come with all the
advancements we have made. The technology used is most definitely in
development, we are just currently at the beginning phase of each. For example,
virtual reality is available right now, but not to a point where you can insert
a chip into a human and proceed to go on a trip so intense. This technology as
we speak is solving problems and opening up possibilities for the future of
computers and science. Virtual reality is playing a massive role on marketing
for businesses, for example, Marriott hotels are using virtual reality to plan
out trips and see the hotel room and scenery before you even arrive! Another
example from the real world is that Six Flags who are using the idea of virtual
reality to change the setting to make you feel you are in space opposed to just
at the amusement park. The technology in the show is mind-blowing. The chip
that was inserted into Cooper affected him dramatically. At first, it was
normal and the test being done were peaceful, but as the test became more
serious it put a toll on Cooper mental stability. He began to not be able to
tell the difference between holograms and real people (Mind vs. Reality). In my
opinion, I think there are definitely two sides to this technology. It can most
definitely be used to beneficial, ethical reasons, but you would have to be
blind to not see both sides. There are without a question ways that virtual
reality could be used in an unethical way. An example of this could be violent
VR video games which could provide real looking blood and influence violent
behavior among children. Another example would be the idea of using it in
sexually inappropriate ways.

                  The next 5-10 years of virtual
reality will either make or break our future. In all honesty, as crazy as that
might sound, the future of how we use this technology is going to prove a lot
about how things will shape up. Virtual reality has its purpose in the world of
business and the future of jobs, but it’s the other things that we need to
watch out for. We, as a country, don’t want this fake world of virtual reality
to influence bad behavior or to become so dependent on people that it ruins
face to face interactions for good.