Alex years. Ramses II father was a military

Alex MontoyaRae JonesAncient Egypt AMDecember 1, 2017Ramses IIRamses II was one of Egypt’s most powerful pharaohs. Ramses II ruled for 67 years, he was one of the longest ruling pharaohs in all of Egypt. Ramses II was also a great warrior starting one of the biggest wars in the history of Egypt. He took rule when  his dad resigned after only ruling for 2 years. Ramses II father was a military general and took rule after Horemheb died without an heir to the throne.Ramses II is considered one of the most powerful pharaohs because of his architecture and his military power.   Ramses II started one the biggest wars  in Egyptian history. The battle was a land dispute between the Egyptians and Hittites. This large battle lasted for 20 years in which over 4,000 chariots were used and 25,000 soldiers fought. The second battle between the Egyptians and the Hittites lasted only four hours at the end of which king Ramses II signed a peace treaty. The peace treaty between the Egyptians and Hittites was the first known peace  treaty ever signed.that is one of the reasons he is considered one of the smartest and most powerful pharaohs ever.King Ramses II is also considered powerful because of the different temples that he built. He built a whole temple in the image of himself. The Ramesseum is where Ramses II was buried and is very well known because of the 67 foot statue of himself that sit at the entrance of his tomb. Ramses II also would carve his name into past temples to show his power. He was also very religious, he would normally have his priests serve fresh food to the statues of the gods at numerous temples and burial sites. The Abu Simbel is another great temple that Ramses II built .It has 4 giant statues that all stand at 69 feet tall at the entrance, there is a smaller temple inside for Queen Nefertari which has 3 statues at 33 feet tall.Ramses II had many wives. Ramses had more than 200 wives and 300 children. King Ramses II outlived many of his children living to age 80. He had two main queens Nefertari and Isetnofret, nefertari had her own temple in inside of abu simbel having 3 statues of herself that all measure 33 feet tall  and hieroglyph writings everywhere. Some of the hieroglyphs tell what the names of their children were, they also tell of various wars during the great pharaohs rule. The whole temple was was moved to a new location and reconstructed because of a new dam project.Good war strategies and great leadership is why Ramses II was one of Egypt’s most powerful Pharaohs. Also Ramses is remembered today because his architecture and great temples and statues which are taller than 60 feet. That is why Ramses II is one of Egypt’s most powerful pharaohs.