Alexandra Canosa worked as a film producer at

Alexandra Canosa worked as a film producer at Weinstein’s company, the two collaborating on Netflix’s “Marco Polo” series.Canosa says Weinstein harassed her, intimidated her and abused her for many years.”Harvey Weinstein threatened the plaintiff and made clear to him that if he did not comply with his requirements or if he made public his details of his misconduct, there would be consequences, including his humiliation, the loss of the job and the possibilities to work in the entertainment industry, “reads the documents submitted by the lawyers of the producer.In his defense, Canosa quoted The Weinstein Company as well as members of the leadership who said they “knew or ought to have known about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior and did not act to correct or put an end to this activity.”At the beginning of December, six women sued Weinstein for sexual abuse.Weinstein admitted that he “caused much pain,” but denied the sexual abuse he is accused of.The New York Times published in early October an investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s cinematic filmmaker’s “sexual predator” behavior. More than a hundred women accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment, sexual assault and rape. Three investigations are under way, opened by the London, New York and Los Angeles authorities. Meanwhile, Weinstein was removed from the American Academy of Motion Picture Academy, the British Academy of Film and the American Directors’ Union.Currently, authorities are investigating whether the film producer has not diverted funds to keep his deeds secret.Harvey Weinstein, 65, founded together with his brother, Bob Weinstein, the company Miramax, which produced several independent independent films, including “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” (1989), “The Crying Game “(1992),” Pulp Fiction “(1994),” Heavenly Creatures “(1994) and” Shakespeare in Love “for which he won an Academy Award. After selling Miramax, Weinstein and his brother established The Weinstein Company in 2005. Harvey and Bob Weinstein were co-chairmen of the company. In October 2017, after charges of sexual abuse, Harvey Weinstein was removed from the company’s leadership.