Alid and whose views therefore carry great weight

Alid Associated with Ali ibn Abi Talib.

alim, aalim (pl. salimah, aalims, ulama, ulamaa, ulammaa, ‘ulama’) A learned person, educated to a high degree in his or her subject and whose views therefore carry great weight in financial decisions.

Allah God; the Arabic name for God. Worshipped by Muslims, Christians, Jews and all other creations. The Qur’an is His book revealed to Prophet Muhammad. He is defined in the Qur’an as creator, sustainer, judge, and ruler of the material universe and the realm of human experience, who has guided history through the prophets Abraham (with whom He made a covenant), Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, through all of whom He founded His chosen communities, People of the Book (ahl al-kitab). The Qur’an asserts God’s supremacy but allows for human free will. Muhammad called Muslims not only to believe in or worship Allah but also to exclude all other deities, forbidding their association (shirk) with Allah. The Qur’an lists ninety-nine names for Allah, defining His attributes, such as merciful (Rahman) and compassionate (Rahim). Some theologians believe that these attributes are symbolic rather than real; some early Sufis sought union with God as the purpose of spiritual experiences.

Allahumma   Dear God 

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Allahu Akbar ‘God is most great’. An often-heard statement in the Islamic world, especially at the start of prayers and in the call to prayer itself.

?lim     One who knows? A scholar (in any field of knowledge); a scientist (who knows science) or a theologian (who knows religion); similar to Japanesesensei, “teacher”.


Amaanah, amanah, amana Literally, amaanah has the sense of trust, faithfulness or honesty; however its most common usage is for something held in trust or transactions involving custody deposits or sale or return.

Ameen (Amin) Trustworthy.

Am?r ul-Mumin?n  “Commander of the Faithful” Historically the title of the Caliph. In some modern countries like Morocco, a Am?r ul-Mu?min?n or Commander of the faithful is the religious chief.


?minah    Muhammad’s mother. Aminah fell sick and died in Abwa, near Madina (then Yathrib) when Muhammad was six years old.


Al-Amr Bi’l Mar?f    Islamic doctrine of enjoining right. There exists in Islam the (obligatory) principle of encouraging other people to do the right thing.