All officers abuse the power they get for

All around the world
police corruption is a big problem, meaning that the law enforcement officers abuse
the power they get for their own personally need, there are many types of corruption
in the police force, it can involve one person or a group of people. In Russia,
they face the problem of police corruption, Russia is high on the list of corruptions
ranked 131st country out of 176 on the corruption perception index list,
because of that the Russian citizens don’t trust the police as of the bad laws
state in the country and them not knowing their rights so they must stand up
for them self. Russia facing this problem, the country is affected negatively but
slowly as the time goes on there are improving the police force.


Russia the is biggest
country in the world it takes up 49% of earths 149 million square kilometers,
its population is 144.3 million as of 2016 meaning that Russia is a big country
to keep track of, so having a good law enforcement is a must to control the citizens.

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In Russia, there is federal law enforcement which takes on the responsibilities
of a variety of different agencies, the current primary law enforcement is the Russian
police which operates by the Law of Police, which is approved by the federal assembly
which also helps sign laws. The year  of 1718
in Petersburg was when the first police force was created in Russia, not so
long after the first police forces was made, Moscow created their own police
force. As the time went by the there has been riots caused by the police force,
and one of the riots caused by the the police force which was a fight between
the police and gendarmes (an armed police officer in France) marked the initial
outbreak of the February Revolution (Oleinik, 2003). The police became the main
target of the revolutionaries and many were killed, as of that the police Russian
Empire was dissolved.