Altruistic help had arrived on scene. The courage

Altruistic behavior is found in everyday life, but only some individuals have the courage and compassion required to defend a complete stranger or assist their fallen opponents through their moment of weakness. Protecting family comes instinctively, but protecting strangers adds a level of difficulty most do not prefer. Regardless, Ingrid Kennett who was traveling May of 2013 when she spotted Lee Rigby, a young soldier, atrociously murdered on a London street. Although her attempt to save Rigby was in vain, she instead, confronted Rigby’s two assailants, who were armed with a cleaver and revolver, and conversed with them until help had arrived on scene. The courage that Ingrid exhibited to face the armed assailants saved the lives of countless bystanders, including women and children, without any concern of possibly losing her own life in the process. Furthermore, Mallory Holtman’s dedication to the game of softball overcame her compelling desire to win by helping her opponent, Sara Tucholsky.

As Sara dashed out of the batter’s box, she was elated as it was the first home run of her career. Just passing first, something occurred that turned her individual achievement into much more. With the umpire’s consent, Mallory and teammate Liz gently carried the injured Sara past each base and into the arms of Sara’s awaiting teammates. Despite losing the game, Mallory and Liz’s altruistic deed did not disappear with their season. Their deed has demonstrated to be a shining example of sportsmanship at its finest.

By carrying their wounded competitor around the bases, Mallory and Liz embodied the values of selflessness and benevolence, but especially, the conventions of integrity. Altruism to some individuals is just a word on the page, but to others, altruism utilizes the ideal of selflessness and generosity, which allows some individuals to place others above oneself.