American culture vs European culture

It’s a difficult question, and it’s a bit hard to answer, especially when it comes to European culture, because there are so many different cultures. For example is the culture in Italy very different from the culture we have in Denmark. But is it really true that the American culture is taking over all the small features that make Europe so unique? No, I wouldn’t say. We are very similar to the American culture, but it’s still to different things. Even though our cultures are different from each other, America still has an influence on us in Europe.They particularly affect us through the media and when we sit at home and watch television is many of our programs on our TV American series. We are always been told that America is the land of opportunity and I think that’s why everybody is fascinated by it.

Teenage boys and girls look up to idols such as Britney Spears and Brad Pitt, trying to fur fill the perfect look. This American star culture is slowly spreading in Europe. One of the more serious things that have been transferred to European culture is the way the Americans eat.McDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are everywhere we look and are known by almost every European kid. Facts does show that the Europeans are becoming bigger and obesity is a problem in Europe as well as it is in America. But is it because of the American traditions and all the fast food restaurants that we are getting bigger? Is America the main reason? No, we are responsible for our own overweight. Even though is a lot easier to blame America for it. It’s not like they forces us to eat fast food.

Many of the things they have in America we also have in the European culture, but I believe that is having something to do with globalization. I also believe that we are influenced by it and we receive communication from all over the world every day. USA has always been a super power and therefore it might seem as if we are adapting everything from them. So in the end I really don’t think that American culture is taking over European culture, it has something to do with the globalization.