American Romanticism- The Fireside Poets

What were the Fireside notable for?
Their scholarship and their resilience in their lines and theme

Were they more conventional or experimental?

How did they mix European and Americana literature?
The form was European, the content was Americana (They used American Legends

Who are the 5 Fireside Poets?
1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
2. William Cullen Bryant
3. James Russell Lowell
4. Oliver Wendell Holmes
5. John Greenleaf Whittier

What lasting impacts did the Fireside Poets have?
They paved a way for other works, they brought issues to the forefront in an easier way to understand (Also Longfellow is the only American poet to have a bust in the Westminister Abbey’s poet corner)

Who wrote a “Psalm of Life”?

What kind of view of life does Longfellow have in “A Psalm of Life”?

What does Longfellow compare life to in “A Psalm of Life”?
A march

What is the message of “A Psalm of Life”
Do something good, don’t waste your life

What is a bivouac? (Mentioned in “A Psalm of Life”)
A temporary encampment

Who wrote “The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls”?

What is repeated through out “The Tide…”
“The tide rises, the tide falls”

What view of life does Longfellow have in “The Tide…”

What is the main theme of “The Tide…”
Man is mortal, but nature is eternal

Who wrote “Old Ironsides”?

What did “Old Ironsides” bring to Holmes?
National attention

In “Old Ironsides”, Harpies is what kind of Allusion?

Characteristic of firesides poetry
Concerned with ordinary American people and values
Their poems were relatively easy to read and interpret by the standards of the day
Romanticized the average Americans life

Emily Dickinson
7 of her poems were published during her life time, editors always wanting to correct her poems and she didn’t like that
Lived and wrote during the transcendentalist but she wasn’t a strictly a transcendentalist because she didn’t exhibit some of their ideas

Walt Whitman
Heavily influenced by transcendentalist but not 100%
Wrote mainly poetry and rejected the elements of meter and rhyme but not other poetic devices also uses diction (word choice) syntax (word order)
Writing still
a. The use of catalogs (long list)
b. The use of parallel structure
Also was influenced by civil was.

free verse
Poetry that has irregular meter and line length. It is designed to recreate the cadences of natural speech