American the government that in 2016 they emitted

American consumption contributes the most to
environmental destruction. In the Human Development Report produced by the
United Nations in 1998 it was stated that “Runaway
growth in consumption in the past fifty years is putting strain on the
environment like never before seen” (Consumption
and Consumerism — Global Issues). Consumption is defined as “the using up of
goods and services that have an exchangeable value” ( Americans
consume at a higher rate than any other country in the world. As a result of
this they are the primary contributors of environmental issues caused by unsustainable
consumption, for example, ozone depletion by CFCs(Chlorofluorocarbons), water
shortages, forest destruction and soil erosion. US companies disclosed to the
government that in 2016 they emitted over four billion pounds of pollution into
the atmosphere (Effects of Consumption on Global Environment), that is over 22%
of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions from industry based research. The
world’s environment is being destroyed by manufacturing processes that only
exist to meet the consumption needs of the American population. Without this
constant need for more of everything the environment would have adequate time
to replenish the resources that it offers us. Does America consume too much? To
some people the answer is straightforward.

            In the year 1994, an international conference
was held on the topic of population and development. Representatives from
different companies from each country in the world attended.  Developing countries issued a statement that
defined that a baby born in the United States will consume during the course of
its life, twenty times as much of the world’s resources as an African or an
Indian baby. It was also stated that the problem was very much overconsumption
in the Northern Hemisphere by wealthier countries and not overpopulation in the
Southern Hemisphere.

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Consumption in developed
countries has led to the overexploitation of goods and services of currently
developing countries.

            There is a finite amount of food,
timber, petroleum, and other materials to be divided between each nation. The
more America consumes, the less resources are available for other developing
countries and communities. The more goods that are produced for the greedy American
population, the more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Rising
levels of greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous dioxide and carbon dioxide
are a threat to our very human existence. Almost all of the products we
consume, with the exception of food, originate in factories which get their energy
from primarily burning fossil fuels.

            Devastating obliteration of forests
instigated by factors such as agricultural processes, logging for wood, human made
fires, and road building is essential for our sources of fuel and to manufacture
paper products. Massive erosion of the earths lithosphere which is partially caused
by deforestation is triggering a loss of fertilized topsoil, which can affect our
planets ability to produce food for the ever-expanding population.  As the
world population increases and our global economies develop, our reliance on natural
resources must decrease. Because if we maintain this rate of consummation to feed
our materialistic beings, the poor and future generations at all income statuses
will suffer because of our greed.

In the same interation conference
in 1994