Amongst communication skills. This is because they view

Amongst the different journals, various competencies
expected from managers were often mentioned and leadership competency is
ubiquitous in almost all the journals. In the study by Chan and Coleman (cite),
they state that leadership is the one of the important factor as a manager as
well as having great inter-personal skills and so did a survey (cite) done by
Prof. Michael Vieregge, Ph.D. who is connected to Western State University of
Colorado. In his survey, there were four participants and all of them have
mentioned in their response that they value leadership skill in managers as a
very valuable asset. Hence, it can be inferred very simply that in the hotel
industry today, being a manager means that one is expected to lead and to do so
impeccably. However, it is impossible to spot their leadership skills just by
looking at their faces. In the same survey mentioned earlier, some participants
stated that they normally look out for the potential future employees’ display
of leadership skills in the CVs. One example in the survey would be Mr. Roland
Duerr, who is one of the participants in the survey and also the Director for
F for Burj Arab, Dubai. He said that he looks at their CVs and resumes,
and sometimes stating that one was a captain of a certain sports team would
show that one does have experience leading people and would prove to be a plus
point. Other forms of competencies frequently mentioned are communication
competencies and being able to motivate their team well. In the study report
done by Tavitiyaman, Weerakit and Ryan (cite), they explained that
communications are forms of human-relation skills that should deserve much more
recognition and in the case of Hong Kong hotels; it is common to see managers, especially
middle level managers, to have good communication skills. This is because they
view communication as one of the most important attributes to have. A common
view by Mr. Melkart Rouhana, who is the Director of Learning and Development at
Emaar Hospitality Group in the United Arab Emirates, who in the survey (cite),
stated that he would appreciate it if potential future managers were to take
the initiative to go out and better themselves in order to equipped themselves
with good communication skills and public speaking experiences. This goes to
show that having good communication skills is just as important and is also one
of the competencies recruiters look out for these days.