“An broken ground for Korean women in almost

“An ancient Sanskrit saying says, woman is the home and the home is the basis of society. It is as we build our homes that we can build our country”, Indira Gandhi. Women is the world’s power, that holds humanity and knowledge, empowerment of women has rooted into society and must grow. Women have been fighting for their natural rights all over the world, being held back by the ones who say they love you, that we are the earth’s goddess, that we are a treasure to our kind, however when we must apply our gifts we are rejected, why? Is because the world would be brought to peace, is it because women will be able to care for the ones who need it or is it because women will have control on a male dominated world, that women’s power will cause them to be weak and useless, is that why?Describe”Educate Women; Change The World”, is a speech for all women who seek higher education, or demand respect for their knowledge, this speech was meant for people to gratify women and open the minds of others, with my knowledge on this speech, I will push the meaning and understanding of Drew Faust’s opinion, to educate my audience. On March 22, 2013, Harvard President, Drew Faust, delivered a lecture to the world’s largest women’s university, Ewha University, in South Korea. Korea is considered a conservative country, with a strong cultural Identity. From the beginning, Korean women have had this stigma of having to be “perfect” for men and their society, as South Korea grows into the 21st century, being able to change what being a “perfect” woman is in South Korea, with the help of Ewha University of course. The university is the largest women’s university in the world, and is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea. Giving many opportunities to women from hundreds of institutions and graduate programs. Ewha has broken ground for Korean women in almost every field — medicine, law, science, music, journalism. There has been an extraordinary 180,000 Ewha alumni, that have culturally impacted or has played a crucial role in the political and economic transformation of Korea, the first female prime minister was an Ewha graduate.  She paved the way for — just last month — Korea’s first female president. As Faust is the president of Harvard University, in which Ewha has collaborated with Harvard on international programs as well as Faust’s graduate school (Bryn Mawr). Faust feels a connection with the school and as well as the women. Faust takes us back to her memories of being a past student and how lucky she was to go to strong and independent school for women, just like Ewha. And I quote ” I have come to understand how that physical and intellectual space has enabled Bryn Mawr and Ewha and the many institutions like them to change the world by transforming the minds and the lives of women through the power of education.”This speech is very informative and persuasive. Faust hits the audience with her personal views and harsh reality of what women who are educated go through. For example, Faust states, ” M. Carey Thomas, the first female president of my alma mater Bryn Mawr, wrote at age eighteen of her torment as she observed, and I quote, “thousands of boys enjoying and often throwing away the chances I would give anything for … How unjust — how narrow minded … to deny that women ought to be educated and worse … to deny that they have equal powers of mind.” Men are featured as ungrateful for their privilege while women are treated with less respect for their great accomplishments. Faust has seen and learned from women who have strengthened the world, as faust stated, “We educate women also because it is smart — women are one-half of our human resources, and we increasingly see the beneficial effects of educated women in all realms of life and in all parts of the world.” Faust continues, by dedicating her speech to the women of the university that have accomplished so many possibilities, the women who have stretched society’s standards all over the world, the women who made others stand for equality. However Faust not only suggested her speech towards women, but the world. The speech was televised and many guests came to view the lecture like, President Kim, The Ambassador and his colleagues, as well as the many people of the world. Continuing her speech with words of empowerment, by gratifying the success of educating women-as she states, “we educate women because it is transformative.  Education doesn’t just boost incomes and economies, it elevates us, defusing differences, opening common ground, and making the most of all our human capacities”. AnalyzeFaust goes on my adding personal and relatable statements; from her personal life experiences, countless women expressing their aspirations, difficulties, and how inspiring Faust was to them; as well as the strong and charming women of her life, such as her grandmother’s, the headmistress of her all-girls school in Massachusetts, Katharine McBride, a neurologist, these women have helped her believe she was something more to the world, not just a “women”. Faust continues on by statistically claiming discrimination towards women and their education, as Faust mentions, “According to UNESCO’s 2012 Education For All report, 66 million girls worldwide are being kept out of school — by poverty, by natural disasters, by forced labor, by restrictive governments.” But still women of many ages still fight for their natural rights, girls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India face shootings, poisonings, and acid attacks, for example Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl, was shot in the head by the Taliban in October 2012 after speaking out for the education of girls (lucky she survived), Humayra Abedin, a London immigrant, who was tricked by family members to go back to her home country Bangladesh, and was held captive and forced to marry a man that was chosen for her, the london court ordered for her release, this experience led Abedin to help women who are forced into marriages. Women are more than just a noun, we are the world achievements, and without our guidance and knowledge, where would the world be?EvaluateFaust is only one women, who as shared her experiences and beliefs, she has shined a light on women’s education and their natural rights, but she can’t do it alone, for the world to understand her, the world needs all women and men to speak up for what’s right, to come together as a species to move on and prosper into something more, than just working against each other. What Faust wants, is a natural born right and that is for women to be recognized as a fellow human being, Faust is honest and credible, as well as her experiences are relatable. She speaks with pride without prejudice, talking about factual serious matters that happen everyday to women in the 21st century, where people still have not learned the down fall to there unawareness or ignorance. Faust speaks for the ones who are held back by our society, helping them realize that they can be more than what society tells them to be, that they can be more than just “women”.ConclusionThrough this analyzation, Faust effectvily pushed and informed on her opinion of women and their involvement in education. And as I said in the evaluation, not one women can stop this discrimination, and as well as not all women, because everyone needs to understand. In today’s society women are shouting  and fighting their concerns, and not only women but people of color, the LGBT community, muslims, and many more are fighting for their natural rights, and hopefully in the near future the world will start to come together, and move forward.