An Island

At last, after three long, tiring days in that small, wooden carcass of a rowing boat, I can see land. Being only a few metres from the island I can hear the soothing sound of the swaying palm trees. Now I have pulled my boat onto the golden, sandy beach, I can see, as I thought, the only two forms of life on the island, the small playful animals and plants and flowers of every imaginable, vivid colour. Also a scent such as that of honeysuckle, rose and banana in one large concoction. In order to eat I must search for food.

Peering around the gigantic cliff face covered in brightly coloured lizards of orange, blue and green, I see the most amazing sight I have ever seen: an immense orchard laden with miraculous, succulent, fruits. Standing back I admired this amazing sight. Persuading myself to leave my mesmerised state, I take a few paces forward. Dubiously and warily I remove a small, triangular fruit coloured green and blue. Knowing the fruit from this orchard is the only chance I have of surviving, I place the tiny but inviting fruit into my mouth; it is the sweetest and most succulent fruit I have ever tasted.

With the blazing sun on my back, which is only covered by a thin piece of muslin, I eat all of the fruit I can manage, for I fear this pleasure will only last for this one tremendous day. Now I have been spoilt like a king at a banquet, my next priority is to find water and shelter. My outstanding luck carries on, I can see a dry and inviting cave on the shore of this picturesque beach. Growing less suspicious of this island most people only dream of, I proceed into the cave and place down my only belongings: one day’s water supply and a blanket.

At the end of a long and exhausting day, my only thought is to sit down and rest my weary legs. In the distance is the sound of light, tingling flowing water. As I move closer, the noise becomes louder until eventually, straight ahead of me is a beautiful sight, a waterfall of sky blue descending over a huge orange rock and crashing into a massive pit of frothy water, giving off a spray of white mist, which feels wonderfully cool against my hot skin. All around the waterfall there are intricately coloured birds and insects.

From one, a lime green bird not unlike a parrot in appearance comes a most beautiful tune as if being played on a flute by a master musician. Now I have the three main means of survival in a plentiful source and I am surrounded by total beauty, I feel unsure if I will ever want to leave this island, which very much reminds me of one out of a fairy tale book I had begged my loving mother to read to me every night. As night time falls and the bright stars in the jet black sky become more distinct, I am afraid to close my eyes as I fear this miraculous island is a deception of my tired imagination.

Eventually, I drift off to sleep, but soon I am woken by the most sweet and wonderful singing. Excitedly I crawl out from underneath my blanket and clamber to my tired feet. I travel in the direction of where the music seems to be coming from. As I approach nearer to the sound, it stops and I fear my tired mind has deceived my senses. My decision to return to my blanket is interrupted by the gentle sound of a guitar. This time I proceed forward with haste and through the glimmer of the waterfall, I see a beautiful woman.

Like the lady in my story book she has rosy red cheeks and long, fair hair. As well as her beauty she has something I envy tremendously, a tail of metallic green and blue. As I stare in amazement she speaks in a voice as sweet as sugar. She invites me to sit by her, once we have exchanged greetings, she asks me if I have ever seen a blue lizard. She receives my negative reply with interest, from behind her rock she produces a large and intricately shaped shell.

She blows into it and within seconds a stunning electric blue lizard appears and invites me to shake its front claw. Once I have done so it scurries away. After talking to this remarkable, fantasy creature, whom I guessed must be a mermaid, I realise that I am longing for human contact and to see my family once more; eternity without them seems unbearable. I ask my friend the mermaid if there is any way of mending my skeleton of a boat. She turns towards me with her deep blue eyes and says my farewell will be one I would always remember.

Again she blows into her shell; a smooth-skinned grey dolphin appears by the side of me. The mermaid tells me to hold the fin tight and to never forget her. The feeling of the cool sea breeze in my hair will be one I will always treasure. Back on the shoreline where my unforgettable adventure first began I thank the dolphin, he turns away and soars into the distance. I will never speak of my friends on the island, as its tranquil beauty will be destroyed if humans begin to colonise it.