Anabolic steroids are effective in enhancing athletic performance.

steroids are effective in enhancing athletic performance. The negative aspect
of this is the undesirable side effects that could put one’s own health in
jeopardy. Steroids have an effect on numerous organ systems, in which some are
irreversible. This life-altering drug not only causes severe discomfort, but
can even cause death if administered in heavy doses.

human males, the reproductive system is greatly affected in relation to the use
of steroids. The prolonged use of anabolic steroids can result in an increase
of abnormal sperm cells, which decreases male fertility, and causes atrophy of
the testes. Using more than one kind of steroid at a time increases the chances
of infertility, but after a cessation of steroid use, the changes in
infertility reverse after one to three months, depending on the individual and
the dosage administered.

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use of anabolic steroids, also produce hormonal imbalances. One significant
side effect is that of gynecomastia, which, irreversible in nature, causes
breast formation in males. This happens because of the increased levels of
estrogen, which are typical female sex hormones. Even with the effects of
gynecomastia, sexual desire in males is increased, even though the rate of
erectile dysfunction is increased as well. This might seem to be incongruous,
but sexual desire is dependant on the androgen hormone (a steroid hormone that
controls the development and sustenance of masculine characteristics), while
erectile dysfunction is not. Steroids also cause a person to become more
aggressive. When this level of aggressiveness meets the level of sexual desire,
the risk of sexual assault is increased.

have some of the same side effects as males, such as increased sexual desire
and aggressiveness, but they also have certain side effects that are unique to
females. Such side effects are irregularities in the menstrual cycle,
hypertrophy of the clitoris, sudden acne breakouts, hair loss, receding
hairline, increased facial hair, deeper voice, and breast atrophy. Unlike the
male’s ability to recover from most side effects, the female steroid user’s
deeper voice, hair loss, enlarged clitoris, and decreased breast size are irremediable.
In addition to this, pregnant women who use anabolic steroids can become prone
to pseudohermaphroditism or growth hindrance of the female fetus. It could even
lead to fetal death.

steroids can also produce psychological effects such as hallucinations,
euphoria, confusion, paranoia, and insomnia. Because of the sense of euphoria,
along with other potential factors, steroid users could become addicted to the
drug, followed with symptoms of withdrawal (physiological and mental readjustment
that accompanies

the discontinuation of the
use of an addictive substance). Such symptoms consist of mental depression,
suicidal behavior, and in some cases severe psychosis.

essence of competition is what drives a person to give it his or her all. It is
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