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Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption is the one character in film that has most profoundly moved me. Through his perseverance and intelligence, he accomplishes the impossible of escaping two life sentences in prison. Dufresne endures abhorrent struggles in his starting years of lockup, utilizing his inner strength to withstand sexual and physical misconduct. His story is one of sheer pain, yet the man never complains and even manages to teach us patience in our efforts. Dufresne has shaped and enhanced the amount of effort I put into my ambitions, as his persistence is crucial in escaping. Although it takes him twenty years to chip his way out of jail, he accomplishes his goal, all by the will and belief he has in himself. A character like Andy Dufresne tears down the boundaries of an inconceivable situation and embodies the genuineness of true companionship. His value in authentic friendships, such as the one he forms with Ellis Boyd Redding, also known as Red, further inspires me. In helping others, he earns the respect of the warden, guards, and many inmates. Dufresne’s bona fide nature in expecting no compensation for the numerous deeds he carries out earns him friendship, safety, and recognition. Not only that, but his mind is extraordinary, which is what separates Dufresne from the rest of the prisoners. This character ties into the art of film allegorically by using the simplest strategies—creating a fake persona when dealing with the warden’s laundered money and covering up his escape hole with a Rita Hayworth poster—to result in the best solutions. Similar to film, less is more and that aspect alone have a lasting impact on viewers. The overall message of hope portrayed through the story and how well the actor immerses himself into the character is an inspiring piece in and of itself. The nostalgic tone received after watching the film is almost as if you are watching it for the first time, with each time learning something new. It is these stories that need re-emergence in the film world; it needs characters such as Andy Dufresne to instill a drive in the audience. For me, it sparks a flame to create content, in the fields of directing, cinematography, and acting.