Angel and Ellis Island

Why did most Europeans Emigrate to America?
Over population, Hunger, Religious Persecution, scarciety of Farming land

Define Emigration
To leave ones contry for another one permently

Define Immigration
Coming to another contry to live there permently

Define Migration
To move to one place to another

What did Ellis Island Open, when did it close?

How many people passed through Ellis Island
12 million

How long did the trip from Europe to America usually take?
2 weeks

How long was the medical Inspection on Ellis Island?
60 seconds

How long did it take to check for Trachoma?
6 seconds

What was biggest cause of people being sent back to their homeland from Ellis Island?
Trachoma (an Eye Disease)

What did the Chalk marks on an immigrant’s clothing mean?
That they had a medical or mental problem and were pulled out of line for further inspection.

What did an “L” Chalk mark stand for?
“L” Stood for Lameness

What did an “H” Chalk mark stand for?
“H” Stood for A possible heart condition

What did an “X” Chalk mark stand for?
“X” Stood for a Mental problem

Who was the first person on Ellis Island?
An Irish girl, “Annie Moore”

What was the Legal inspection like on Ellis Island? What questions did they ask? How many?
They would ask questions like “What your name, job, where did you come from.

.etc.” There were 29 questions

What was the trick question they asked in the legal Inspection
They would ask “Do you have work waiting for you in America?” SOme immigrants would think this would be good, so they would answer yes. It was against the law in America to give a forieginer a job before they entered America, they had to give them to Americans.

How many people were pulled out of line on Ellis Island?

How many people were sent back from Ellis Island?

Where did Immigrants usually decide to live?
In Urban areas (There were factories in the cities with plently of jobs for unskilled workers.)

What did the Aid Societies in America do for immigrants?
They provided them with whatever they needed to get settled in America- English lessons, Jobs, Meals..

etc. (The biggest aid society, or Settlement House was the Cul House)

Where did did you have the Medical Inspection?
In the great Hall

Where did you have the legal interview?
In The Great Hall

Why did most Immigrants not turn for help to the Aid Societies?
Because they felt ashamed that would need help from a n aid society when they moved to America.

Why did children find the transition of cultures easier than their parents?
Because they had not fully grown used to their old cultures back home, and they were going to school in America learning the ways that they could be just like their classmates, who were Americans, so they were adapting to the American culture faster and easier.

What does Nativism mean?
When you favor Native Born Americans over Immigrants and dislike Immigrants.

Why did huge groups of Chinnese come the Californa?
Because of the gold rush

Why did booming industies start hiring lots of Chinneese workers instead of Americans?
Because The Chinneese workers were willling to do harder work, or Stoop Labor in the fields that Americans turned down. This created a bad relationship with the working-class whites and Chinese immigrants.

Who was blamed for Californa’s Bad Economy the the 1870s, why?
The Chinese were blamed for Claiforna’s Bad Economy because they were an easy target. They looked different from white Americans and had a differnent, Religon, Lnaguage and other culture traits.

What what the Chinese Exclusion Act?
It was a law pasesed in 1882 stopping Chinese immigration for 10 years, It was the first immigration restriction based on race.

Where is Angel Island?
In San Francisco (Bay)

Were 2nd and First class passengers sent to Ellis Island? Why or Why not?
They were nto because americans assumed people that could afford a 2nd or First class trip could take care of themselves in America, and they didn’t need a deep inspection on Ellis Island, so they were only checked briefly on the boat.

When DId Angel Island open? When did it Close?

Why was it so hard to get through Angel Island?
Because people of color, asians and Chinnese Immigrants were mainly coming through that port, and America did not want people of different race coming into America easliy.

What was the inspection like at Angel Island?
The Inspection was much harder to pass and theyasked very specific questions like what their house looked like, their home village..etc.

How long did it take to get off Angle Island?
The process could take days, those who failed the interviews could try again, but that might take weeks months or even years

How long did it take to get off Ellis Island?
Usually 24 hours

What were the conditions like living on Angel Island?
They were unsanitary and crowed, these awful living quaters were made so that the immigrants would decide it would be better just to go back to their homeland.

Why is their poetry carved into the walls of the rooms in Angel Island?
This poetry was made by Immigrants waiting to cross the boarder to america, they wrote out their frustration in this poetry and carved it in the walls.

Were whites on Angle ISland treated differently from the asians or people of color? How do you know?
Their was a much nicer whites section on Angel Island, where immigrats would be sent off in about 2 days.

What did Angel island look like?
It was a big wooden, painted white big house.

What were the push factors for chinneese Immigrants?
Poverty, Bad air conditions, bad economy

What were the Pull factors for Chinese immigrants?
The gold rush, farming jobs and a good economy.

What percentenge of people were sent back from Angel Island?