Animal as a society should include better treatment

Animal rightsShould animals have the same rights as humans?A Gallup poll taken in May of 2003 found that only 3 percent of Americans believe animals do not need much legal protection. Fully 71 percent supported some kind of legal protection for animals, and 25 percent said that animals should have the same rights as people.People often argue that it is the human´s ability to reason that sets us apart from the animals. It makes us superior. Human beings are mammals and like other animals we are born, we grow and we die. We also have an instinct for survival. We need to eat and rest when necessary. We reproduce and we have a central nervous system that makes us feel pain, joy and suffering.We do know that we have many similarities with animals so why should we treat them like we do?A naturalist would probably say that we all are part of the food chain. Animals eat animals and we eat animals and that is the natural order. Well, this may have been true at one time but when humans applied technology to the way which we prepare animals for our consumption, we see a scenario that never was intended by nature. Technology is not a bad thing but our progress as  a society should include better treatment for animals. In this age and day we have lot of choices for better foods, warmer clothing and more efficient materials and none of these choices should really be depending on killing animals. Animals in the ancient world and in religionsAristoteles argued that animals lacked reason and he placed humans in top of the natural world. But the respect of animals in ancient Greece was very high. The mathematician Pythagoras urged respect for animals because he believed that both humans and animal souls were reincarnated from human to animal and vice versa. The ancient societies of Greece and Rome also played an important role in the formation of attitudes towards animals. In Eastern religions ( like Hindu and Buddhism ) forbids animal sacrifices. Muslims are taught that Allah has given people power over animals but if you treat or harm them badly is the same as if you disobey his will.Why animal rights?Almost all of us grew up eating meat and going to circuses and zoos. Many of us bought our beloved pets from pet shops. Many of us had guinea pigs and beautiful birds in cages. We wore silk and wool, ate McDonald burgers and fished. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. Now we ask the question: Why should animals have rights?The answer to this question should be a “Yes”. Animals surely deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation. All animals have the ability to feel pain, pleasure, frustration, loneliness and motherly love. When we do something that interferes their needs, we are morally obligated to take them into account. But on the other hand, we travel to Thailand and take a ride on an elephant that has been battered to the point that their willpower has been crushed, just so you can ride on their backs. We see snake shows were the snakes has been drugged. We take cute pictures when sitting next to a wild tiger or lion that has been heavily drugged. We go to circuses and watch dogs and apes dressed up like humans making all kinds of tricks. This is when we forget these animal rights. This is when humans are superior to animals.Of course we have used animals in farming and as a help in forests. But these animals were a big part of society and we were depending of them to get the work done. So we took care of these animals and gave them comfort and food.It will always be two sides that argue if animals should have the same rights as humans”?One side that claims that animals are stupid and that they cannot plan for the future as humans can. Animals are here on this earth just to give us food and material.The other side claims that animals are similar to humans and deserve every right that humans have.Animal rights organizationsThere are lots of animal rights organizations around the world. In Sweden we have “Djurens rätt”. This is our largest organization to protect and care for all kinds of animals. PETA ( people for the ethical treatment of animals ) are also a very large organization in America. WWF ( world wildlife fund ) is a well known organization.SummaryThere will always be two sides of this argument but if we could agree to treat animals better than we do. You don’t have to be a vegan but just take care of the pets we buy and give them a good life is good enough.