Animals we love, but it is really rare

Animals are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or any other reason. As Human beings we are often concern about many things in our surroundings. We are always aware that what is going on in the world around us and what we can do to make this world a better place and to achieve our happiness as well as the people we love, but it is really rare and as of for myself, I can say that, we are careless about what is it that animals have to go through for our own happiness. In my opinion, happiness is momentary, yet, we are always on the search for total happiness. There is no way that we can achieve complete (total) happiness when there is so much to deal with, like for example, Utilitarianism. For this essay, I will be discussing 2 articles written by Singer P., “All Animals are Equal” and “Utilitarianism and Vegetarianism” and 1 article written by Alvaro C., “Ethical Veganism, Virtue, and Greatness of the Soul”. Both author have different points of view, they differ in some way,  what is morally right or wrong for animals and what position or what decisions should human beings pick in order to achieve equal happiness for animals and for  themselves, as well as for what is morally right or wrong.     One of the thesis I came across in the article “All Animals are Equal” by Singer P.,  is that we should consider the same equalities for animals as we do for human beings. According to Singer, the fact that we as a human specie, have a mind to think and have the ability to communicate, and are also privileged in many other things which animals are not, does not mean that we have to treat animal as if they are less and this also does not mean that we should decide in what they deserve when it is our happiness which we are only thinking about.  The only reason for equality cases to exist between man and women is because, they belong to human species, in other words, animals are less than human beings. Singer argues for this by pointing to variation among humans. If we look at the usual characteristics that all human share, we will find that there are human beings who lack of certain characteristics. It’s a fact that humans come in different shapes and sizes. We all have different morals, intellectual abilities, experiences and different ways of communicating with others. The only characteristic that all of us (humans) have in common is that we all are members of the same species. We can’t only say that all humans are the only creatures that are morally important, because then it is simply based on the species membership.    I believed that ourselves have got the sense that we are exclusive and superior much more than animals. We forget that animals they got a sense of what is good and bad. Certain species of animals are more awake than others but, this does not mean that they have not sense in what they are going through. I think of animals as if they are newborn babies. They are clueless about what they is going on but they have feelings, and they can express happiness or suffering.     As I meat lover, I don’t agree nor disagree with both authors and here is the reason why… Alvaro says that “Some proponents of veganism suggest that we categorically abolish animal exploitation; they argue that using animals or insects as a source of food, clothing, and more, is immoral; and even that we should reject all products that have been experimented on animals—unconditionally. This position, which I call absolute veganism, faces the difficulty of justifying such a totalizing claim in the face, for example, of those who live in parts of the world where scarcity of plant food or other unfavorable factors leave them with no other choice but to use animals to survive. Furthermore, avoiding products obtained from animals or that have been experimented on animals is nearly impossible as almost everything has, including soya beans, even water.” which in most part I agree to. We as human beings, knowing all that we have to deal with will never stop and think that “Hey animals are suffering, we should stop consuming them”, most of the people even if it is morally wrong will never stop consuming animals, there are many reasons and many things proven that, eating meat will cause cancer and many other illness yet people argue that we need to consume meat and animals products to get our protein and this is one of the reasons why I disagree with parts of the articles. Furthermore, the reason why I agree, it is because, yes I completely understand and agree that this is a situation morally and ethically wrong to eat animals, to make them suffer in the farms because people want to eat their meat or want to wear jacket of animal skin, but one of the biggest reason why I agree is because human beings are now eating meat as a necessity, many of them argue that they need meat for them to survive, to have satiety of food or for them to have “energy”.