Anthem continue his education. Of course, when the

Anthem by Ayn Rand is a story about a man who goes against society.  More specifically a post-apocalyptic, completely socialist, dystopian society, in which people do every thing for each other, and nothing for themselves.  Every person is designated to a job, that they are to do until they reach the “old” age of 35 years old.  once this age people are considered useless, and are put in the house for such people for the rest of their life.  everyone goes along with the way things are, with one exception.        One man, by the name of Equality 7-2521, slowly realizes that there may be more to the world than what is known.  In schools Equality 7-2521 excelled in science, and despite wanting any thing is against the law, he wanted to be sent to house of the scholars where he could continue his education.  Of course, when the time came that the Council of Vocation decided to what job each of the students were to go, Equality 7-2521 was sent to become a street sweeper.  He saw this as punishment for wanting something.          After working as a street sweeper for about four years, he made a discovery.  A hole in the ground with a ladder to climb down.  After a discussion with his co-worker, arguing what to do with the hole, Equality 7-2521 chose to go into the hole.  He found himself inside a tunnel, that I believe to be a subway due to the long metal tracks described in the book.  This tunnel is where Equality 7-2521 spends his free time.          While in this tunnel Equality 7-2521 writes in his journal (the book itself), experiments with the materials he can get his hands on, and just thinks.  While dissecting a frog he noticed that it twitched when ever he touched it with the knife.  He later found that this twitch was due to electricity, and after testing with electricity he created a light bulb, well more of a light box.         After this discovery Equality 7-2521 figures that he won’t get in trouble for breaking the law if he brings forth this his creation.  However when he presents the light box to the World Council of Scholars, they immediately reject it saying, “So you think you found a new power.  Do all your brothers think that?”  Equality 7-2521 responded, “No.”  After hearing this the Scholars reply, “What in not thought by all men cannot be true.”        After This Equality 7-2521 grabbed his light and ran out of the building, into the uncharted forest.  A place that no-one that had gone, had returned.  He wondered for days before stumbling across a familiar face.  Liberty 5-3000, The love interest of the story, followed Equality 7-2521 into the uncharted forest.          After wandering around the forest for several days Equality 7-2521 stumbled upon an ancient house.  Searching the house, he found many things of the ancient times, such as technology and knowledge.  Knowledge of things such as history, technology, and most importantly the idea of being an individual.  This idea goes directly against the society he has known all his life.        The book ends with Liberty 5-3000 being pregnant, and the two of them beginning a new society with the knowledge that they now posses.