AP English Quarter Exam- Donne ; Metaphysical Poetry

Define metaphysical
The relationship between spirit and matter; branch of philosophy dealing with physical or nonphysical existence

Metaphyiscal discourse is characterized by ordinary speech that contains…
Paradoxes, puns, and conceit

What is conceit?
A paradoxical metaphor; the two things being compared are not alike one another at all (i.

e. Love compared to plague and fish in “The Broken Heart”

Conceit can occur in the form of..


Figures of speech; abtruse terminology (hard to understand; scientific words)

What is the form of metaphysical poetry?
Argument by verse; rhetorical traingle; intellectual exercise…requires keen insight, intellectual stamina, ability to reason, solid education

Describe the language of metaphysical poetry
Dramatic (mode of utterance that describes a dramatic event), colloquial (reliance on specific language of the era), acute realism (poem reveals a psychological analysis of something; images have purpose and develop the argument)

Andronicus of Rhodes is credited for
Organizing Aristotle’s writings into physical and metaphysical categories

(True or False) The reading of metaphysical poetry requires unravelling complicated abstract reasoning that is woven into the fabric or structure of the poem.

Metaphysical refers to
A branch of philosophy that deals with physical and non-physical subjects

(True or False) John Donne is credited for being one of the greatest writers of love poetry.


John Donne did not earn a degree from the universities he attended because he
Was Catholic during a time when Catholics were persecuted, so he had to keep a low profile

During the “Second” stage of Donne’s life, Donne
Falls in love, marries, is imprisoned, and becomes quite poor

The poetry that came out of this “second” phase of Donne’s life reflected
Love for his wife and growing religious meditation

In Donne’s poem, “Valediction Forbidding Mourning” Donne uses this to create a soothing effect by using this poetic device

(True or False) “Valediction Forbidding Mourning” is basically a “goodbye poem” that espouses a stoic approach to separation

In “Valediction Forbidding Mourning” Donne often combines words using the apostrophe. Why does he do this?
To keep the regular rhythym (tetrameter) of the poem

(The Broken Heart) The speaker in the poem would most likely characterize his experience in love as

(The Broken Heart) The purpose of the first stanza (lines 1-8) is primarily to
Reveal the speed and potency of love

(The Broken Heart) Line 10 includes an example of

(The Broken Heart) The imagery in the poem is dominated by
Allusions to violence and destruction

(The Broken Heart) What sentence best paraphrases line 13?
Unbidden pains afflict us, but lovesickness pulls us to it

(The Broken Heart) The metaphors in lines 14-16 are meant to suggest all of the following about love EXCEPT that
Love is malicious

(The Broken Heart) What is the function of lines 21-26?
They reconsider the validity of the speaker’s account of what had happened to him AND they show the speaker applying logic to explain a highly emotional event.

(The Broken Heart) The literary device that most significantly contributes to the poem’s unity is the
Rhyme scheme

(The Broken Heart) Lines 31-32 most strongly express the speaker’s
Awareness of his lost capacity to love

(The Broken Heart) What best describes the development of the poem?
Abstract to specific

(The Broken Heart) Meaning of stanza 1?
Love is a disease

(The Broken Heart) Meaning of stanza 2?
Love is a predator

(The Broken Heart) Meaning of stanza 3?
Speaking directly to lover

Describe Donne’s first life, and the topic of his poems from that timeframe.
(Up to 1601; 20 years old) Well educated from Oxford and Cambridge but no degree because Catholic (becomes Protestant) General Secretary, Parliament, interested in women and poems were largely dedicated to women (infidelity)

Describe Donne’s second life, and the topic of his poems from that timeframe.
(30 years old) Marries Anne W and they have 12 kids (5 die), is imprisoned and becomes poor. The poems from this timeframe are largely focused on his love for his wife and religion.

Describe Donne’s third life, and the topic of his poems from that timeframe.
(Mid 40s) wife dies, becomes Anglican priest, receives Doctorate in Divinity from Cambridge, Dean of Senforths (2nd highest clegical position in England), King James I & Charles I favorite preacher

Does metaphysical mean supernatural?

What is “A Valediction Forbidding Mourning” about?
Donne’s journey to Europe (France) and him having to leave Anne behind…(she gives birth to a stilborn)

What does Valediction literally mean?
To say goodbye (vale=goodbye, dict=to say)

What does A Valediction Forbidding Mourning display?
Tetrameter; 8 syllables per line