AP Lit. Poetry Questions: Out, Out-

What is the poet attempting to accomplish in lines 1-7?
establishing setting, mood, tone; there is a beautiful setting of scenery but harshness is foreshadowed by the buzz saw

Who is/are the “they” in line 10?
the family, probably the other men in the family

Where do we see the saw personified?
line 15: “as if to prove saws knew what supper meant,/ Leaped out at the boy’s hand, or seemed to leap-“

What does the boy’s first response to the accident reveal as to his character?
He was in shock, he didn’t fully understand the situation

Line 22 “saw all” means what about the boy?
Life flashes before his eye, he sees how instantly life can end. He has maturation with innocence

The tone of the boy’s words in 25-26 is what?

The juxtaposition of “So. But..

.” in line 27 serves to?

So is a continuation. But is a redirection. There is a detachment of hand from boy and of boy from man.

“No one believes” in line 31 implies that none of the people what?
They didn’t have that same understanding of mortality because they have not faced death like the boy.

The primary purpose of the internal rhythm and punctuation of line 32 is what?
heart beat

What sense/ sentiment do the last 2 lines of the poem seem to reflect?
pragmatic, the world continues

Which lines show the poet’s commentary?
Lines 10-12: “Call it a day, I wish they might have said/ To please the boy by giving him the half hour”