AP World Chapter 12

What summarizes the level of material culture in the Americas in the 15th century?
A wilde variety of cultures from pre-Neolithic to advanced civilization

What does the worship of Huitzilopochli in the Aztec empire represent?

Why were the ten clans of the Inca similar to the Aztec calpulli?
They were both based on kinship

Looking at map 16.2, “Inca Expansion,” when did the biggest growth of the empire occur?
In the late 15th century

What aspect of imperial rule was shared by the Roman and Inca empire?
Large-scale building projects

Like the kings of early Europe, what were the Mexican rulers dependent on?
A warrior class

The rise of the Toltec and Aztec empires followed which of these patterns?
Nomadic peoples invade and become rulers of an already established civilization

Considering Table 16.1, “Population Estimates for the Western Hemisphere, 1492,” which of these correlations is illustrated?
Higher population densities occur where states dominate

How were Inca calpulli unlike Indian castes?
They did not determine status

What name was goven to Pachacuti and Huayna Capac?
Inca- rulers of the Inca empire were called incas

What is the commonly accepted number for the population of the western hemisphere in 1492?
67 million

What was one of the independent states of Mexico in the period of the Aztec empire?

What was one of the most important gods in Toltec pantheon?

What were the floating gardens of the Aztecs

What was the language of the Aztecs?

What was the merchant class of Aztec society?

What were the clans of the Aztecs called?

What were the Inca quipu used for?
To keep records

What was the Aztec tribal god?

Where was the Inca Temple of the Sun located?

Who was the most important of the incas?

Who was the Toltec leader whose story was merged with Quetzalcoatl in Aztec mythology?

Twantinsuyu referred to what?
The Inca empire

What made Tenochtitlan an advantageous capital?
Natural defenses and agricultural productivity

Looking at Table 16.1, what additional piece of information would be necessary to use this data to interpret this data?
Surface area

What is reflected by the Aztec stone calendar in Figure 16.4?
The Aztec concept of time as cyclical

What common pattern was illustrated by the Aztec empire?
Expanding empires bring increased social stratification

What did the use of metate in the Aztec empire illustrate?
A low level of technology

What was analogous with the organization of the Inca empire?
The Roman tetrarchy

What is the notion of Inca socialism an example of?
A misinterpretation of the past

The relationship between the Aztecs and Toltec was most similar to what other civilizations?
Aryans and Harappans

Like the Byzantine economy, The Aztec economy was ____________.
Tightly regulated by the state

Considering the excerpts in “Aztec Women and Men,” which of these is a shortcoming of this text as an historical resource?
It was recorded by an outsider

What played the same role in the Inca empire as the cult of the emperor in the Roman empire?

What was a key difference between the Toltec and Aztecs?

Considering Figure 16.7, showing the Taos Puebla, what can be concluded?
Urbanization continued in North America after the disappearance of Cahokia and the Anasazi

Like the early Germanic peoples, who were given a special place in Aztec society?

What is supported by Map 16.3, “The Ancient Cities of Peru”?
Inca cities were well spaced for communication

In relation to Toltec civilization, what did Aztec culture represent?
Smooth transition

What was probably closest to the Inca mita?
European serfdom

What is the best thesis for “The Troubling” Civilizations of the Americas?
Historians can find studying different cultures very challenging

Which of these best expresses the development of the calpulli in the course of the creation of the Aztec empire?
Based originally on family relations they developed into social, political, and economic groupings

Quetzalcoatl is an example fo what?
Aztec borrowing form the Toltecs

The ruling style of the Aztecs closely resembled that of what other empire?

Compared to the Aztecs, what was the style of the Inca’s imperial rule?
More strongly centralized

What did the themes of Nezhualcoyotl’s poetry represent?
Challenge to traditional religion

Who was the inca around 1500?
Huayna Capac