Applicants who put their blood, sweat, and tears

Applicants should
submit a personal statement as part of the online application. The personal
statement should explain why the candidate is applying to the program and how
their studies will contribute to the achievement of their personal objectives including
information about the applicant’s research interests and achievements (minimum
of 300 words, maximum of 500 words).  Like
a video game, in life, we pass a checkpoint after accomplishing a certain stage
and the player takes time to rest, determines the goals he needs to accomplish,
and plans the next stage. This is what university is; a level in a player’s
life, and after accomplishing it, one cannot help but think about the next
level. Some of these goals are short term, and others are long term. My goals were
not always there, it was not determined until three years ago when I joined a
research summer program in Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI).  There, I worked on my first research project.
Even though it was 3 months only, this internship helped me determine my goals
for the next decade. Becoming a scientist is currently a significant long-term
goal for me. To do so, I must complete Master’s and Doctoral levels with an utmost
focus to finally reach that goal and get one more step towards the end of this
game. Every
course and class I took during my bachelor’s degree made me acknowledge and
appreciate scientists. Every bit of information I learned is only the product
of long years of research done by people who put their blood, sweat, and tears
to push the current limits further and further, saving many individual lives
and improving humanity as a whole. However, these people with all these
accomplishments, are still underrated and unrecognized by the public. That is
why I consider scientists to be heroes like the ones in video games. And I hope
one day I can become one.The
internship was just the beginning, I have had multiple research experience in
different modern biological branches ranging from microbiology and biochemistry
to bioinformatics. I learned many technical skills as well as expanded my
knowledge on these subjects. As tiring and time-consuming as research gets, it
is nothing but motivation for me to achieve my goal. During these research projects,
I encountered many obstacles, but I considered them to be a learning
opportunity. I get excitement and satisfaction when facing and solving these
problems. Solving problems helped me leveled up as a character and gain
experience for the next levels and stages of the game.

of all the research experiences I had so far, biomedical research was the most
interesting. I found the research related to cancer immunology that I worked
on, during the summer of 2015, very intriguing and I’m currently working on the
same field in QBRI. I owe it to the experiences I went through that I have
decided to dedicate my life to becoming a hero by pursuing the field of biomedical