Aristotle that cannot be replaced. Through the entire

Aristotle explained that happiness is the central purpose of life and a goal by itself. Happiness, according to Aristotle is the function of man to live a certain kind of life that implies rational principle and the noble performance of these. If any action is performed well then it is performed in accord with the appropriate excellence. This done properly turns happiness to an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue (Nicomachean Ethics, 1098a13).

     For my life as that of Aristotle, friendship is one of the most important virtues in achieving happiness. It is rare to find true and pure friendship. It is true that by the age of 80, if one has friends as many as his fist, then he/she is truly a rich man. Friendship has been a source of emotional satisfaction as well as intellectual through out the years. The true kind of friendship never ends. It is a source of inner peace that cannot be equated; one that cannot be replaced. Through the entire life writing has been a source of happiness for me that lives on each day. Writing brings the thoughts contained in the mind to reality through a pen and paper. This has been one of the greatest sources of life fulfillment and satisfaction. A pen and paper connects with the mind and soul every time the urge of writing kicks in. It is an obligation I have carried diligently throughout the life lived.

      According to Aristotle’s definition, I believe that the life I have lived has been one filled with true and pure happiness. It has been fulfilling emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. The happiness has been an activity of the soul rather than that of mere physical pleasures that fade off as fast as they come. With high moral standards and respect for what life offers, handling life and pursuing happiness has been a satisfactory journey in my life. With high regards to life itself happiness has provided satisfaction in every form.