Aromatherapy they are FDA approved, it is all

is an interesting concept of cancer treatment. It is used in coordination with
acupuncture or massage to makes the lives of cancer patients easier. Aromatherapy
is a type to supportive care rather the cure that works to improve the mental,
emotional, and physical well-being of patients who may be suffer from a fatal
or life-threatening disease. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, which
are oils from various plants that becomes highly concentrated through the
process of distillation, that are pressed into the skin through acupuncture or
a massage or through inhalation through diffusers. The idea of oils rubbed into
the skin seemed a little unbelievable, but studies have been done regarding
aromatherapy on rats. Rats oddly enough are similar in terms genetic makeup and
behavior when compared to humans. Within the studies, the rats were exposed to a
stimulus, normally painful or stressful, followed by pleasant aromas. Results
showed that the rats exhibited less pain-related behavior following the aroma
rather than without it. Going further, human studies concluded that
aromatherapy does not improve long-term effects, but it does improve overall
well-being by decreasing levels of stress and anxiety. On the other hand,
aromatherapy is not a cure for cancer. There has not been any publication
dealing with aromatherapy directly as a solution for cancer. Also, there are
many concerns when mixing other drugs with the use of aromatherapy for the
reason that it can have potentially severe side-affects. This is important to
consider because cancer patience take multiple different types of medications.
Overall aromatherapy is compelling idea that can be used to make the lives of
cancer patients as comfortable and stress free as possible. However, a lot must
be considered before using aromatherapy as it is not a natural mirical to
curing cancer and it can interfere with other medical treatment as well.

Minutes Video Section


summary of video (250+ words)

 The video excerpt of the show 60 minutes shows
Scott Pelley involved in an investigation towards conmen who take advantage of
desperate victims of uncurbable diseases and offer them false hope for
treatment. Stem cell therapy uses stem cells which during division, can take on
the role of other cells as well as potentially give off a chemical that could
repair damaged cells. A professor at the University of Duke explained how
although she does believe it will be able to cure many diseases, society is
about 10 years behind the use of stem cell therapy. There are a wide range of
resources online that are claiming to cure diseases with these stem cells and
although these sources say they are FDA approved, it is all false and
unreliable. For those affected by uncurbable diseases, they may see resources
such as these, thinking it’s a miracle, and fall into the hands of people who
claim to be doctors that put them in danger, take all they’re life-savings, and
leave them with false hope.  The Sulzer
family has a young child named Adam who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
After falling victim to the scam previously and not seeing any signs of
improvement in their child, the Sulzer family agreed to help Scott with the
investigation towards Stem Tech Labs. Dr. Ecklyn of Stem Tech Labs agreed to do
the therapy on the child even though previously he had his medical license
revoked because of misuse of privileges and inappropriate behavior with a
female child. The Sulzer family, 60 minutes crew, and Dr. Ecklyn meet up a Florida
hotel for the procedure, that was when Scott Pelley confronted Dr. Ecklyn for
the first time. Scott Ecklyn interviewed him and asked him a series of
questions. It becomes aware that Dr. Ecklyn was self-taught in terms of his
studies on stem cells. He also had no previous research of his published and no
proof of clinical trial; he claimed that all of the studies of stem cells have
been conducted outside of the us because some sort of conspiracy theory within
the United States between the drug companies and the government. Dr. Ecklyn
became frustrated and walked out of the hotel and no one has any knowledge of
where he went that day.

on what can be done to stop this from happening (120+ words)

The main thing that
can be done to stop this hoax by conmen over the internet has to come from
doctors themselves. In the video, the Sulzer family explained how the doctors
told them that the family should simply abandon the child with the fatal
illness because other wise that child was going to ruin their life. Yes, it is
important to be honest with the patients rather than giving them false hopes,
but doctors should not make these families feel desperate for options. Although
there may be no solution for the disease, doctors can help these individuals
seek options to assist them in their daily lives such as therapy or counseling
to help them deal with the stress and depression. Proving families with options
will prevent them from searching the depths of the internet for illegal and dangerous
“cures” that in the end may not even help the patient, instead make matters