Around the chemotherapeutic building where the chemotherapy was

Around the globe, the Cancer and Hepatitis patients are increasing day by day which is attributable to a lot of grounds for instance non-hygienic systems. In a glowingly populate country like Pakistan there is a prodigious amount of cancer and hepatitis patients more precisely the Breast Cancer and Hepatitis C patients are in a frequent manner in the country assignable to a lot of rationales for illegitimate hygienic utensils at hospitals and negligence of people. In Pakistan, each year 83000 cases of Breast Cancer are reported each year out of which about 40000 women die every year. In addition to this, 10 million people has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C virus HCV. Reckoning at this situation, I wanted to write a research paper about the conditions and the problems which the patients have to face during the treatment or during the disease. For this purpose, I conversate to a profusion of people and went to a hospital to witness the condition of patients. In Pakistan, the biggest cancer hospital is Shaukat Khanum and after a great conversation they finally allowed me to have a survey of the hospital. I went there at 10 in the morning and they managed to send a person to guide me. First of all, I went to the testing lab which was highly hygienic. There was a secure and efficient work was going on. I consult to a Dr. about their methodology to check how they judge whether a person is diagnosed with cancer or not. He apprised that they perform a series of test and if there is anything wrong in the initial tests they proceed testing up to biopsy to have a clear-cut view of the case.  Then we went to the chemotherapeutic building where the chemotherapy was going on which is the very first step of the treatment just after somebody is diagnosed by the disease. The patients I saw there were really brave as it was seen that with how much strength they were fighting against their diseases. I was told that the chemotherapy is so much bad that during it session of 6 months in which each month every person has to be injected dosage twice, and during this period of three months the patients have to lose their hair, they cannot eat properly and have to face frequent fever during the same period. In also interviewed a woman about the age of 43 to 45. Her story was really sympathetic. But at the time of interview she had faced all the challenges of the treatment. She easily agreed to tell me her whole story of the treatment. She started that 5 years ago in March she came to know about her breast cancer diagnosis. At first, she lost her all hopes and thought she was going to die soon. It was the worst day of her life and as started thinking about her two children which were really younger at that time. She wept a lot during that days. There were very less people to motivate her. She did not want her husband to waste money on her as she thought her disease was not curable but she was forced by her husband and her relatives she agreed for the treatment. In the beginning it was really of no use for her but with the motivation of doctors she saw a bright chance for her survival as she had an early stage of cancer. She started her chemotherapy and had to face a lot of consequences during it as she had to loss her all hair, her eyebrows and skin color and even she was not able to eat properly. It was like to touch the death. Then the other challenges for her was the operation, in which the doctors were going to remove her whole left breast which was like to lose her felinity but she just passed that hurdle as well. The final challenge for her was radiotherapy in which the rays were exposed on the suffering area. That thing was really painful in the summer like it seemed that there is fire put on her body. But all after that she was able to survive and her reports turned negative. She was able to be cured just as she took the step and as her relatives supported her. It was very informative inter-view for me as I was able to come to point after all that. That thing gave me a lot of ideas and theories on which I was to focus on. I came to many points of conclusion. First of all, I got to know the exact case of breast cancer in Pakistan and about its symptoms. The grounds on which the breast cancer is caused by are formation of a lump, do not feeding children and many more. the symptoms contained that the formation of lump in breast, discoloration of skin, and bleeding. The women do not notice these things and just grow their disease to chromic and severe. The other thing the people do not rely on doctor and just go to their fake religion scholars.  In Pakistan, there is not a fully specialized hospital for cancer hospital. Even in Shaukat Khanum the techniques to diagnose cancer disease is not much modern as in the present era there have become more feasible and appropriate methods have been developed to diagnose cancer. More over there is also the need to modernize the chemotherapeutic vaccines and dosages. Even there is not much development in the chemotherapeutic medicine but still there is some development to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy. In addition to this there is also a need to give proper information to the inhabitants and to advertise them about the different techniques to avoid cancer.  Seeing the costly treatment of cancer and as result of which a lot of deaths are caused each year, there is basic need of the public cancer hospitals at least at the level of division which keeps and appropriate and most modern system to cure cancer.