Ars Amatoria 1 Translation

Siquis in hoc artem populo non novit amandi,
hoc legat et lecto carmine doctus amet.
If anyone in this Roman population does not know the art of loving , let the boy having been taught love and read this with the poem having been read.

Arte citae veloque rates remoque moventur,
arte leves currus: arte regendus Amor.
The swift ships are sailed with the art, the sail cloth and the oar,
The swift chariots are driven by the art: the love must be ruled by the art.

Curribus Automedon lentisque erat aptus habenis,
Tiphys in Haemonia puppe magister erat:
me Venus artificem tenero praefecit Amori;
Tiphys et Automedon dicar Amoris ego.
Automedon was suitable for chariots and tenacious reins,
Tiphys was the master on the Haemonian poop deck
Venus places me as guide for gentle love
I will be called the Tiphy and Automedon of love.

Ille quidem ferus est et qui mihi saepe repugnet:
sed puer est, aetas mollis apta regi.
Indeed that one (love) is wild and who often would fight back:
but he is a boy, the age is soft and suitable to be ruled.

Phillyrides puerum cithara perfecit Achillem,
atque animos placida contudit arte feros.
Phillyrides perfected the boy Achilles as the the cithara,
also he crushed (his) wild spirits with calm art

Qui totiens socios, totiens exterruit hostes,
creditur annosum pertimuisse senem.
he who so often terrified allies and enemies,
it is believed that he feared the aged old man greatly.

Quas Hector sensurus erat, poscente magistro
verberibus iussas praebuit ille manus.
The hand which Hector was about to feel, with the master begging Hector offered the hands having been ordered to the whips.

Aecidae Chiron, ego sum praeceptor Amoris:
saevus uterque puer, natus uterque dea.
Chiron was teacher of Achilles, I am teacher of love:
each boy is fierce, each is h/b born from the Goddess

Sed tamen et tauri cervix oneratur aratro,
frenaque magnanimi dente teruntur equi;
et mihi cedet Amor, quamvis mea vulneret arcu
pectora, iactatas excutiatque faces.
but yet also the neck of the pull is burdened by a plow,
and the bridles of the bold horse are worn away by the tooth;
and Love will yield to me, although he injures my breast with a bow,
and he brandishes torches having been thrown.

Quo me fixit amor, quo me violentius ussit,
hoc melior facti vulneris ultor ero:
In which love pierced me more violently, in which it burned me more violently,
By this much betterI will be avenger of the wound having been made.

non ego, Phoebe, datas a te mihi mentiar artes,
nec nos aeriae voce monemur avis
Nec mihi sunt visae Clio Cliusque sorores
Servanti pecudes vallibus, Ascra, tuis:
Phoebus, I will not falsely proclaim that the skills were given to me by you,
Nor are we advised by the call of the bird of the air,
Nor have Clio and the sisters of Clio appeared to me
Watching over the livestock in your valleys, Ascra

Usus opus movet hoc: vati parete perito
Vera canam: coeptis, mater Amoris, ades!
Experience moves this work: obey experienced poets
I will sing true things: mother of love, attend to the undertakings!

este procul, vittae tenues, insigne pudoris,
quaeque tegis medios, instita longa, pedes.
You be far off, slender headbands, emblems of modesty,
and you, long hem, who covers the middle of the feet.

Nos venerem tutam concessaque furta canemus,
inque meo nullum carmine crimen erit.
We will sing (about) safe love and allowed secrecies,
and not any crime will be in my poem/song.

Principio, quod amare velis, reperire labora,
qui nova nunc primum miles in arma venis.
In the beginning, strive to discover that which you want to love,
you who first come now as a soldier in the new wars.

Proximus huic labor est placitam exorare puellam:
tertius, ut longo tempore duret amor.
The next task for this man is to win over the pleasing girl:
the third that love endures for a long time.

Hic modus, haec nostro signabitur area curru:
haec erit admissa meta terrenda rota.
This will be the boundary, this area will be made by our chariot:
This final turnpost will have to be worn away with the wheel having been let loose.