Article concern they will leave the company when

Article Summary

Companies offer Sabbaticals to employees can benefit both
sides of employer and employee for creating company’s culture and organization
behavior. Sabbaticals have
different ways to offer based on company’s policy, such as full pay for a month
after working 5 years in a company.

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to Gurchiek (2018), “These more-established employees
likely have developed trust within the organization, so there is less concern
they will leave the company when the sabbatical ends” (p. ).


For employer side, it is a tool to build strong relationship
with employees for faithfulness to reinforce company’s culture. For employee
side, it is a motivation to keep working and work more hard in order to get
more benefit to move position up to earn more money to reinforce organization


Article Analysis

Guam Pacific
Daily New offers good benefits to employees, and one of the benefit is sabbatical,
but the salaries is not too high. PDN tries to give more benefits to cover low
salaries, and it is a motivation for retention and attraction for staffing. It
is not attractive for people who are satisfied to their education, but it is
attractive to people whom like to keep learning. Using sabbatical to build
relationship with employee is a good way but it is personal option except
employee will get promote after sabbatical. Motivation is a dynamic to get high
position and salaries in organization behavior.

Article Evaluation

Author Credibility: 30/30 – The author, Kathy Gurchiek, is a professional writer,
reporter, editor, journalist, and teacher since 2002, so she is knowledgeable,
reliable, trustable, and experienced. She has worked for SHRM since 2004 and worked
for Slat Lake Tribune, department of Defense, taught business communication,
2002 winter Olympics, Chicago Tribune, and Associate Press.

Information/Content: 30/30 – this article provides real
story to elaborate the main point of the article to make readers to understand
the tropic more easily. The content shows the benefits of offering sabbatical
to enlighten companies

Structure and Format: 20/20 – the structures
is good that shows the main point of the article on the first paragraph to let
readers know what the article is about first, and showing an example to
elaborate the main point. Then conclusion is given. The format is tidy to match
professional site.


Site and Access: 10/10 – the article is from SHRM
site that publishes articles to society for human resource management is
reliable and professional. The site is easy to access and the information from
the articles is useful.

Purpose and other: 10/10 – The purpose of the article is to remind readers that
offering benefit, such as sabbatical can create organization behavior that
keeps learning can have more chances to move up to higher positions. It also conveys
a concept that this company is a good place to work because it will gives
chances to nurture old employees if employees are willing to stay.


Total 100/100