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As you drive around any community that has a professional team such as the Colorado Rockies, there are many different ways that people support their teams: flags waving on houses, hats, and jerseys of the people that walking down the street, license plates and bumper stickers, even signs on your local stores. Professional baseball is a big part of our lives. Thousands of children play sports year round in little league and competitive baseball. The athletes that so many of us look to as role models and heroes gain our love with the way they play. They’re whom we admire, cheer for, and secretly wish to be. For many, professional athletes is a place we invest our love and pride into. Lately, however, the extreme faith and love we put into our favorite players and teams have been lost. Many times we find that these athletes have been caught cheating enhancing their skills by doing illegal forms of drugs. Should these athletes be allowed to continue cheating and then being able to continue to play?In the past couple of years, the sports section of the newspaper or the local sports radio host has headlines of cheating in professional sports on a monthly/yearly basis. For an example, a professional baseball player can receive an 80 game suspension for taking steroids. Some estimates put usage of illegal drugs as high as 80 percent of all MLB athletes before testing became a standard practice. MLB ran a total of 8,281 drug tests on major league baseball players this last year.  Another example of cheating that doesn’t involve steroids is that teams are moving to electronic ways to gain this advantage against the other teams illegally. For example, another professional baseball team used an Apple Watch to gain an advantage against other teams during the season, by relaying the signs to the batter from their apple watch to give the batter an edge against the pitcher. Though these teams and players fan base have been forgiving, these actions and others like it are starting to add up and negatively impact athletes and fans everywhere.Cheating embarrasses the pureness of the sport. Cheating creates an uneven playing field and alters the results of the game being played. Not only does cheating disgrace professional sports, but it also poisons amateur sports. Issues of steroid use, stolen signs, and other forms of cheating are rapidly growing in non-professional leagues and ruining the players and the future athlete and fan base. Most Importantly, cheating dilutes the faith and love in sports. Finding out one of your favorite players was caught cheating is a horrible feeling. People feel as if their trust has been disloyal, and everything they believed in was false. In the long run, cheating not only lets down the one who cheated but also their team and all of their supporters. Cheating is slowly ruining the game of baseball. If cheating isn’t contained and stopped, professional baseball may lose some of their greatness and shine. Professional baseball athletes need to get tested for drugs every 3 weeks and if they get caught with illegal use of drugs the outcome  would be: The first time you get caught you would get a suspension and a fine, Second offense, you would get a year suspension with a fine, And the third outcome you would be out of the sport forever. If the cheating continues, professional sports may lose their hold on entertaining people, all while leaving tainted records, ruined athletes, and devastated followers in their wake.