As and electronics assemblies for robot-makers on demand.

As a trained electrical and electronics engineer, my interests relate to research in advanced areas of EEE applications where other disciplines merge.

 Among the many things that I feel interested in, robotics is quite prominent. While the demand for autonomous systems and robotic devices is on the upswing, I see a number of challenges being faced by robotics startups like Invento, the maker of India’s very first Mitra range of robots. Most of these relate to hardware acquisition and supply chain and very clearly, the eco system that is need is building up much slower than we need it. I want to explore the possibility of setting up a lab that designs chips and electronics assemblies for robot-makers on demand. Even giants like Honda and Boston Dynamics demand high-tech component supplies as they are looking at launching their bestselling concept robots, as well as scaling up the production of the bestsellers like Asimo and the Big Dog.

I also feel I can supply to the energy industry, which is perhaps the biggest playground today for AI and analytics.I want to work in areas where I can combine AI with multiple other technologies to build Intelligent systems powerful enough to balance smartgrids, manage demand, negotiate actions, enable self-healing and also enable hosting of new products and services. I believe that AI has the potential of not just helping in the energy transition, it will also make utility operations more efficient and effective by mastering rapid analysis of unstructured data, which is a whopping 80 percent of an organization’s total data typically.