As ideal of justice for all a reality.

As a member of an indigenous group in the Cordillera, I have always been thought that legal service is not is a right and not a privilege. This has been affirmed by the existence of legal aid centers as they help make the ideal of justice for all a reality. Legal aid centers reject the notion that lawyers work to serve those who lives in abundance and rarely serve those in the hinterlands. They extend pro bono services to people of limited means not to bring a great deal of career satisfaction but to act as conduit of change. These have sparked my earnest desire to become a member of the school’s legal aid center. Apart from inculcating the significance of public service and social involvement, the legal aid center allows the students to gain hands on exposure to the realities of legal practice. To help people who would otherwise go unrepresented has been my driving force in entering law school and in order to be able to do so, I need practical training from the legal aid center. Under the careful guidance and thoughtful teaching of its supervising lawyers and legal aid team, I hope to be equipped in order to efficiently render service. I have been informed that a legal aid assist from the initial intake, to research and drafting of legal documents and may go as far as assisting the client in court’s proceeding. I am also aware of the fact that like the path to becoming a lawyer, being a member of the legal aid center is also an arduous task. My limited knowledge of the law and the procedures involved can also be an obstacle in the performance of my duty however I believe that I can put to good use all the learning I have acquired, more so the valuable lessons I will learn in the process.It is an undeniable fact that the public’s familiarity with how to access direly needed legal information and to identify whether their situation is a legal problem is limited and insufficient. The legal aid center open doors for inclusive work and provide opportunities that can address this kind of issues.