As internet, and they can also learn how

As the years go by, technology
has changed the way the classrooms work. With technology there are advances
with many things. In the classrooms, technology can play a vital role in education.
It can also have its down side as well. Although technology is supposed to make
life easier, there are always pros and cons to everything.

            When technology enters the classroom, there are a few
ways a student can benefit from it. The first pro of technology is that
students can have a wide variety of learning experiences. Students can learn
hands on from the teacher as well as learning from technology. In many classes,
there are computers which can help students learn different task through
different apps. This makes it easier for the students to learn, and it also
helps the teacher to better understand what a student understands and doesn’t
understand. According to the article “Pros and Cons of Technology in the
Classroom”, another pro of technology is students can learning life skills
through technology. Students can learn to create presentations, learn reliable
and unreliable sources that come from the internet, and they can also learn how
to create different forms of writing. Teachers can benefit from this as well because
it will give them the opportunity to teach students life skills that they need
to know for the future. Even with technology having its pros, there are also
cons to having technology in the classroom.

            According to the above article, a con of having technology
in the classroom is it can be a distraction. Students who have laptops and
phones in the class can pay more attention to their devices than to the
teacher. There will not be enough learning in the class because of the
technology. In some cases, classes with computers should have boundaries on
when they can and can’t be used. Another con of technology is that it can cause
more cheating in class. Students with the ability to have technology in the
classroom can cheat as well as help others cheat too. The last pro of
technology is many students do not have funds to buy different things such as iPads
and laptops. Students who do have those will have it easier because they will
not have to get an actual textbook. Students will not want to go to the library
to do work because books will be available on line. Teachers will soon have to
go through the process of having all the material through the internet instead
of paper books.

            In conclusion, technology plays a huge role in education.
Because technology is a part of this generation and future generations, there
will always be pros and cons to having technology in the classrooms. Whether a
student is using technology to learn different material or to cheat on a test, technology
will always be around for years. Technology will soon evolve throughout the
classroom setting.






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