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Course: Critical Thinking and Logic



DATE:   3-1-2018



Title: Social media is
not social at all








Distractive social media

Social media are the technologies for mass communication system
to share information, ideas and interests already deflected from its path.
Social media re different from print media and electronic media. Every day we
use lots of social media like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Messenger, What’s App
etc. We use that kind of social media in our mobile phone, laptop, desktop,
tab. Social media used with photos ,videos and other contents with personal and
public opinion. Users can create highly interactive platforms through which
individuals, communities and organizations can share, co-create, discuss, and
modify user-generated content or pre-made content posted online. Social
media has a great impact on political and social unrest.

First of all, Social media has a great impact in our young
generation .Bangladesh is largest country for using facebook.people are using
facebook commonly for sharing their photos and videos .They don’t give enough
time to their family. Social media increases gap between families. User
of social media always remains busy with social media. They give less time to
their family. Everyone checks his mobile phone every time for any kind of
messages or notifications. We give much more importance to our friends rather
than family because of social media. It isolate us from our family. We have
father, mother, sister and brother but how much time we give them even we don’t
care. And social media also increases adulteration and fornications. So it
increases the divorce rate .

Secondly, Social
media is one of the important reasons for political and social unrest. Recently
some of the violence incorporated through social media by spreading false news
is seen many fake news on Facebook news feed page, posted by some people that
sometimes make huge concussion among the general people, the news also makes
unnecessary confusions among the people. Regarding the above mentioned facts,
it can be said that there is a great effect of the social media on general
people that can turn a people to detach from the society by creating mental
pressure or engaged with some irrelevant facts. But the main thing is whenever
Facebook or the social media (Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Pinterest etc.)
introduce new things to people that becomes some kind of trends which means
Facebook or the social media are influencing people to do things the way they
are doing. It is never considered as the way to be socialized.

Most of the
people say social media is the blessings for our society and world .we can
easily communicate and even do business by it . The fact is
not completely avoidable; it brings a lot of change of many field of
communication. However, the subject the socialization which was supposed to be
improved by developing of communication, it gets the reverse result. Though,
the social media comes in the society to develop socialization, it has another
purpose that is to do business. The authority of Facebook is running the site
with business rules. Though their main purpose is to business, they are serving
people as well.


On the perspective of our country, the social media are not that much
aged. But the affect of social media on this society is not avoidable, it
change huge the social scenario. It is said as an example; the bonding of
people of Bangladesh is relatively high in rural area than urban. AND its huge
impact on education .it should not be an ideal decision to stop social media
but increasing awareness of it .