At In the morning, he finds himself sleeping

At the start of the movie, a program named “Child welfare” led by Paula introduces Ricky to Bella. After Paula tells all of his crimes during the past years to Bella, Bella still invites him warm heartedly. Then, Ricky meets  Hector, who he once met earlier when he was back from hunting. Hector doesn’t like him and so does Ricky. Later on that night, Ricky escapes and  wanders inside the forest. In the morning, he finds himself sleeping in the woods with Bella next to him. They both head back home to enjoy breakfast that Hector, Bella’s wife, cooks. The next day, it is Ricky’s birthday, and  he gets a dog later named Tupac for his gift. Unfortunately, next morning Bella suddenly dies, Hector and Ricky attend the funeral. Hector considers to give Ricky back to the child welfare, but he runs away into the woods. The next morning, Hector goes to find Ricky. Then, Ricky makes Hector mad and so Hector runs at Ricky and trips on log and breaks his leg. For the next few weeks, they rest in the middle of the forest. Ricky has to do mostly everything. Afterward, Ricky goes to hunt and catches nothing, but Hector catches a slug for dinner. After months when Hector’s leg recovers, they continue to find a place to stay. They walk in a cabin and see a wanted list of their names on it. Later on, they met three men and then one of the three man calls Hector a pervert, which then leads to a fight. Ricky ends the fight by shooting the ceiling. They head on their journey to hide away from the child welfare. On their journey, they make a quick stop at a small house to have food supplies. Surprisingly they meet a moribund man, and Ricky sets out to find help. Then, he finds a girl on a horse that takes him to her dad house. She calls for help and introduces Ricky to her dad. Her dad immediately takes selfies with him and post it on Facebook. The post goes viral. Ricky sleeps the night there and goes back in the morning. He totally forgets to warn Hector about Paula. Therefore, Hector runs away. While Ricky tries to find Hector, Paula is  struggling to find Ricky. Paula and Ricky soon meet each other, but is separate by a big trench on the ground. She then tries to persuade Ricky to follow her, but Ricky disagrees and catches up with Hector. They continue on their journey.  During Paula sends troops to find Ricky and Hector, they run into a wild boar. Zag, Hector’s dog, died after fighting with it. They make him a funeral out of rocks to remember him. When Ricky and Hector are walking on the field, they see a moving bush, which Sam disguised as. They go to Sam’s house and sleep a night there. The next morning, policemen trace to Sam’s house. Sam and Ricky use Sam’s vehicle to runaway.