attention organs… [all fault of the] corruption and

attention on the issues at hand. He stated: “The basis of the film is the fact that… we’re in

Ciudad Juarez and it has always been a locus of crime. Organized crime sells everything,

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children and organs… all fault of the corruption and impunity” (Driver). The Mexican

government has failed to provide the proper law enforcement and investigations in these killings,

leaving the killers able to get away with the crimes. According to Lourdes Godinez Leal the

“state attorney general’s office recently acknowledged that at least 364 women were murdered in

the city between 1993 and 2005and the problem of femicide has never taken its rightful place

as a national electoral issue”. The Mexican authorities neglect the recommendation from

international groups stressing the concern for the government to recover the bodies of victims

and seek punishment for the perpetrators. For this reason, the city has hundreds of men murdered

every year, but the bodies of the men are rarely mutilated or raped. As opposed to the bodies of

women who have their breasts and genitalia mutilated and are violently raped. The connection

between the death of males and drug violence is an excuse for the Mexican government to blame

the women for the horrific murders. Therefore, the need to strengthen the sensitization of the

femicide crisis must be from advocacy and awareness-raising through groups like the ‘Justice for

Our Daughters’ and ‘Our Daughters Return Home’ that could encourage the cooperation of the

community, law enforcement, and government legislatures to make a change.

Maquiladoras are the industrialization of foreign investment and technology that has

become an economic and social impact in parts of Latin America. Specifically across the border

cities of Mexico, industries are affecting women in terms of poor implementation of health

resources, the ineffective levels of minimum wages and labor rights, and the homicides of

women across the nation. In developing countries, women are subjected to the ideals that their

gender is seen as less valuable and that they must be exploited in their work affairs.  The role of

women in society is confined to the cultural image that any economic finance should be frown

upon. However, the lack of financial support and available resources from the Mexican

government charges women to de-motivate their choices in business decisions and may be

confronted with the dilemma of dual role of homemaker and provider for the family. To resolve

issues among the degrading image of women, the media and community should stop categorizing

women as “good girls” or “fallen women”. With the help of society stressing the need to require

equal participation and equal opportunities for all sections and genders can eliminate the

injustice that women face in the maquiladora industry and the femicide crisis in the Cuidad of