Banana were developed done Davao del Norte, which

(Musa spp.) is the premier fruit crop
and one of the most important food items in the Philippines, ranked fourth
among food crops after rice, wheat and maize (Molina 2005). Moreover, it is the
leading fruit grown and is a consistent top dollar earner and about 5.9 million
farm household in the country depend on banana as a source of income. This apples and oranges may be
developed to nations with tropical atmospheres Also it need An totally mixed
bag for utilization possibilities that incorporate new alternately transformed
results accessible for national utilization or send out (Roldán et al. , 2002
Also Sena, 2004).

In the Philippines, the Davao Region also known as the ‘Banana
Capital’ Cavendish banana remains to be the top-produced banana variety with
production reaching to 49,140 metric tons (MT), an increase of 2.27 percent
from the 48,050 MT produced in 2015. (Arado 2017). As stated by those
information Gave Eventually Tom’s perusing those philippine facts power (2017),
The greater part of the cavendish bananas were developed done Davao del Norte,
which transformed 29,854 MT, took after Eventually Tom’s perusing Compostela
valley with 11,934 mt. Davao del sur Furthermore Davao oriental were ready to
prepare 3,630 mt What’s more 316 mt for cavendish banana separately.

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banana industry has been beset with problems of diseases that almost all
cultivars of banana have been wiped out in most banana growing areas in the
country. This has caused palpable economic stress on the national as well as
local economies. Among all of the serious diseases moko diseases, caused by the
bacteria Ralstonia solanacearum is considered as one of the world’s most important
damaging phytopathogenic bacteria in Musa
spp. (Elphinstone, 2005)

disease R. solanacearum commonly known as Moko disease of banana is affecting Musa spp. Strain of R. Solanacearum
they would likewise characterized Eventually Tom’s perusing their manifestation
outflow in the plant, social qualities What’s more if those pathogen may be
spread basically Eventually Tom’s perusing insects alternately Eventually Tom’s
perusing mechanical Furthermore soil transmission (French, 1986). As
a consequence of Moko spreading, losses could reach 100% of production if the
treatments were not correctly and promptly applied (Belalcazar 2004). According
to Fresco (2002) almost 95% of the banana plantation of Bukidnon succumbed and
demolished due to the disease.

Banana plantation managed moko disease
by using different strategies such as burning of infected plants and applying
chemical. However due to the environmental concern, this strategy is not fully
recommended because it is expensive and it creates so many environmental
problems. Moreover, there are many biological control agents that could be used
and are available to the market as alternatives for the sustainable management
of the disease such as Vam, Trichoderma,
Basilus subtilis, vermicompost tea, effective microorganism and green max
that has the ability to antagonist through competition, antibiosis  and to induce resistance to the crops against
diseases (Vasebi 2013). Hence this study will be conducted to evaluate the use
and effectiveness of different biological control agents as alternative control
measure of Moko disease in ‘Cavensdish’ banana.