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Basic knowledge and history of the park: Assateague island is American National Park Seashore located in the state of Maryland on a 37 mile long barrier island of the eastern shore coast of the Delmarva Peninsula on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. Its maximum length is 37.28 miles and the terrain on the island is flat beach land with some grass and small trees with shrubs. There is also some grassland and marshland located toward the middle of the island. The average weather conditions vary between seasons. In the summer the island is hot and humid with lows in the 60s and highs in the 90s with the occasional thunderstorm or rain storm. In the Winter it is breezy with cold winds the lows are in the 20s and the highs are in the 40s with occasional rain or snow showers. The annual precipitation is 43.59 inches. Here is some park history.  Before Assateague was founded as a park, it was part of Fenwick island.  There were a few villages on the Island and the most popular village was called Green Run.  The people who lived there were normal blue collar americans. They worked as Farmers, Fishermen, or worked for the United States lifesaving service at the local beach. Most people on the Island lived good lives and were happy until one day a huge storm rolled in called the Ash Wednesday storm of 1962.  it ripped through the island destroying everything in its path. All of the villages were completely destroyed and the storm was so powerful it separated Assateague from Fenwick, making Assateague its very own island.After the storm, the island was classified as uninhabitable and later that year the National Park Service took Assateague in as a National Park Seashore. There are many different types of birds, mammals and amphibians that inhabit Assateague. The most common of these animals are Seagull, Elk, horses (wild horses are very common on Assateague, but they are not friendly and will bite) Black Rat Snake, Fiddler Crabs ,racoons , Snow Geese and Horseshoe Crabs.All of these animals are protected by the National Wildlife Refuge system which was started in 1903 by the president Theodore Roosevelt. It was founded to give animals in their natural environment a place to thrive and be free form hunters and poachers.There are many different plants on Assateague but the most common ones you would expect to find are Sea Rocket Plant, Wax Myrtle, Northern Bayberry, Shrub thickets, and Marsh grass. All these plants serve as a great hiding places for the animals and help the environment run properly on the the island. Tourism is a huge part of Assateague’s revenue as it’s a place people travel from all over America to see. The biggest attractions are the camping sites, which are located right on the beach. There are many different camp sites all over the island coasts, but visitors have to bring their own tent and any camping supplies because the only thing in the campsite is a beach and a fire pit. There is also a bike trail that goes around the whole island.  The trail is a very nicely paved road and you can bring your own bike or rent one at the tourism office. They also have horseback riding on the beach which is very fun. And there is of course surfing at designated surf beaches and fishing at designated fishing beaches.That is all the most important information about Assateague and I hope you plan to visit soon it will be a great adventure and a great time.