Baz Luhrmann has evolved in his techniques, because

Baz Luhrmann has evolved in
his techniques, because everything in “Strictly Ballroom” are now done, but
even better. Every element; such as colour, costumes, “glits”, glam and gossip
are way more over the top and the character’s emotions are now more focalised
and we can see every detail and every emotion in their face.

In the one scene where all
the lead characters are together in one room where everything is revealed, we
see a more focused camera technique. Every time someone would say something,
the camera would be right in their face. Showing every single detail of their
face and their emotion.  Baz Luhrmann
does this to show the audience how each character exactly feels in that exact

Baz Luhrmann’s film
techniques grew exponentially from “Strictly Ballroom” to “The Great Gatsby.” We
see this in Gatsby when some elements would be small in his other films, are
now big and more focused on. In “Gatsby”, there are many parties thrown by Mr
Gatsby, and in these parties people wear fancy clothing, drinking a lot of
alcohol and a lot of gossiping. All these wear bigger and made bigger in “The
Great Gatsby.” People want to impress others, so they wear their best clothing
items to live the superficial lifestyle. People drink a lot of alcohol and
gossip a lot at these parties to also show the superficial lifestyle, but it
also shows how “over the top” Luhrmann goes to portray characters and their

Another example in “Strictly
Ballroom” where we see the use of costume is with Fran. Fran is a very shy and
conservative person that everyone pushes around in the beginning of the film. We
can see this in the costume she wears. She always wore tights with a random
shirt while all the other dancers were wearing appropriate dancing attire. We see
a change in Fran though. Once her and Scott start having dance lessons
together, she starts becoming more confident. She would now speak when normally
she wouldn’t utter a word. Her style has changed; she starts to wear more
appropriate clothing. Although, Fran is also someone that wants to start
dancing new steps, just like Scott. At  the end of the film, she wears a traditional
Spanish dancing dress. This shows us her heritage, her family is Spanish, but
also she wants to be different. This shows us the clear theme of wanting to be

In “Strictly Ballroom”, the
costumes are used to portray the characters dancing style. The dancers that are
very serious about their dance life will wear a costume that shows that they are
a serious dancer, for example; Scott wears a smart black and white suit in all
the dance competitions. However he changes into a gold Spanish costume at the
end to show that he is a different dancer compared to everyone else. Scott does
not want to dance the same old usual steps, that is why he wants to dance
different steps compared to everyone else and we see this in the costume he
wears in the end.

In the films “Strictly
Ballroom” and “The Great Gatsby”, directed by Baz Luhrmann, the use of colour
and costumes are excellently done because it assists the viewers in
understanding the characters.  In both
films, the characters are dressed in very eccentric attire, to portray the type
of character they are. Baz Luhrmann has evolved in his filmic techniques,
themes, colours and costumes. It is evident in “The Great Gatsby.”