Before form a psychologist, the psychologist can see

Before I took the course
of Introduction to Psychology, my main view in the world of psychology was that
the client sits or lays down on a chair or couch and starts telling someone
about their problems and about what bothers them most to the point where the
psychologist knows everything about them. I also thought that mental hospitals
were something out of a horror or thriller movie where all the patients are
insane and strapped down with body cuffs or straitjackets to stop the patient
from harming themselves or others in the hospitals and are sedated and put in
isolation rooms with horrid conditions. After learning the field of psychology,
I learned that there are humane ways that others can help people with their
problems and make their lives better with the help of psychology. When a client
seeks help form a psychologist, the psychologist can see the patient in
different perspectives that can be affecting the client: behavioral,
psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive, evolutionary, biological, and
sociocultural perspectives.

            The seven perspectives of psychology vary in definition in
terms of how many psychologists in the past viewed psychology. In the
behavioral perspective, it is a school or perspective of psychology that
studies behavior because it can be observed and measured due to the environment
being the main factor in it. In the psychoanalytic perspective, the unconscious
mind, or fantasies and desires deep within the mind, is said to be the main
factor in behavior. In the humanistic behavior, the primary focus is that
humans can make choices for personal growth and health. In the cognitive
perspective, is a school of psychology that focuses on problem solving,
perception, reason, and other forms of cognition in human beings. In the
evolutionary perspective, the focus of the school is the study of how humans
behave to adapt to the many environmental pressures that are present, meaning
the survival instinct is present in an individual member to survive. In the
biological perspective, the study focuses on how certain traits and behaviors
are linked to explain how individuals are different from one another. It is
also the study of how the brain, nervous system, neurons and other biological
factors affect the behavior of an individual and how they differ from others.
It is different from the evolutionary perspective because the evolutionary
perspective focuses on the universal factors like language. In the
sociocultural perspective, the study focuses on how social and cultural factors
affect a human’s behavior and how these factors must be understood when having
to interpret another person’s behavior. Thus, with the many perspectives of
psychology, many psychologists can choose a certain perspective and commit
their work in psychology to be able to add their thoughts and opinions into it
to make the field of psychology a more precise and effective practice for

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            In my opinion, the perspective that appeals to me the
most is the biological perspective. I enjoy how the view in this certain
perspective can help explain how not one individual is the same. It appeals to
me that the perspective uses biological processes to further explain how
biology factors can help make an individual different from many others.
Moreover, the perspective that least appeals to me is the behavioral
perspective. It doesn’t appeal to me that the environment can help explain a
certain behavior that we exert. I believe it only explains the many skills that
we obtain to be able to respond to a certain stimulus but doesn’t explain our
overall behavior. I believe the skills obtained from the environment further
add to our behavior so that we, in turn, use them to our advantage. We can use
the same skill depending on behavior.