Benito Juarez full name being Benito Pablo Juarez

Benito Juarez full name being Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia was born in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, Mexico on March 21,1806. Was orphaned by the age of 3 and raised by relatives. Before he turned 12, he worked in the fields and didn’t speak spanish. As he entered school in 1827, he received his law degree 4 years later in 1831 and began to help farmers. By 1843, Benito Juarez was married to Margarita Maza, the daughter for one of Mexico’s wealthiest family. Politics became something he was interested in. Juarez was one of the most beloved and courageous leaders in Mexico’s history, “for three years he fought against foreign occupation under the emperor Maximilian who sought constitutional reforms to create a democratic federal republic” (Scholes 2017). He was a member of Oaxaca’s legislature. During the U.S-Mexican war that lasted from 1847 to 1848, Juarez served as governor until 1852. He supported the legislature calling of whether the church lands should be taken away. After his term as governor, dictator Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna returned and Benito Juarez as well as other members had to flee to New Orleans. While living here for a while, he would communicate with other mexicans and plan out his return to make the idea of overthrowing Santa Anna possible. While in New Orleans, Juarez didn’t have much but was able to support himself by working in a cigarette factory.After his return, he joined Juan Alvarez in the movement to overthrow the dictator which lead to Santa Anna being sent into exile. Troops later marched into Mexico’s City that same year (1854) and Juan Alvarez became president, making Benito Juarez minister of justice. In 1857, a new constitution limited the actions of the church. Nine months later in November he became chief justice of the Supreme Court.Juan Alvarez’s presidency soon ended and Juarez became president in 1861. Later that year he suspended payments on all foreign debts. By the next year England, France and Spain sent troops. After Spain and Britain found out that Archduke Maximilian of Austria was about to take control, they took down their forces leaving the french to take the “hit”. By 1867, Napoleon set aside his troops and Maximilian was captured.Benito Juarez was re-elected in 1871, but soon suffered a stroke and became ill. Months later he lost his wife to cancer. He spent his last moments as president trying to make peace, and ended dying while in office from a heart attack on July 18, 1872 at age 66. And was buried in the “Pantheon of San Fernando in Mexico City” (Scholes 2017).  “The period of Juarez’s leadership is known as La Reforma del Norte (The Reform of the North). During this time, large tracts of church land was redistributed to the poor, the army was put under civilian control, church was separated from state, and civil rights were expanded” (Biography 2017).