romans ruled __________ from 55 B.C. to 407 A.


the romans brought ___________ to britannia
name for the people of britannia
british isles
where the people of britannia were from
protect land from northern european tribes
the romans returned home to italy to
after the romans came the anglo-saxons
the anglo saxons were ________ people
the fundamental political unit of anglo saxons
old english
language the anglo saxons brought to britannia
the land of the angles
britannia was newly named england after
invaded the british isles in the 9th century B.C.

norwegian and danish
the nationality of vikings
alfred the great
ascended to the throne of England 871 A.D.
danes and saxons
alfred the great brought a truce between the _______ and the ___________ in england
came from france and conquered england in 1066 A.D.
north men
normans comes from the term
normans were originally _____ who invaded the coast of france
william of normandy
claimed english throne as his birthright
battle of hasting
established new norman rule in england
feudal system
normans brought the
feudal system
an exchange of property for personal service to a noble, all land belonged to king, knights were supplied to the king by his nobles
1. king2.

baron3. knight4. serfs/peasants

classes of the feudal system
the anglo saxon period
499-1066 A.D.

the medieval period
1066-1485 A.D.
took place mid 11th century, called by pope urban II to regain jerusalem from the turks, series of bloody battles between christians and muslims
heroic elegiac
the two types of poetry in anglo saxon literature
heroic poetry
tells the achievements of heroes, Beowulf is in this category
elegiac poetry
laments the death of loved ones, mulls over loss of past or sense of belonging
beowulf is an _______ poem
courage and strength
tells the story of the hero Beowulf, known for _________ and _____________
national epic of england, first work to have been composed in the language of the time
traveling minstrels who recited early versions of beowulf
christian, pagan
beowulf references to both _______ and _______ beliefs
early versions of beowulf were recited _________ in old english by scope in 6th century A.D.
11th century
only written version of beowulf is from
author of beowulf is
beowulf is believed to have been written by a
christian and pagan
beowulf explains the friction between _________ vs.

_________ beliefs

long narrative poem about one who undergoes a dangerous quest that is important to his people’s history
folk and literary
two categories of epics
folk epic
stories of heroes were recited or sung as entertainment and passed down orally from one generation to the next, they were eventually unified and written down long after first composed
literary epic
written by individual authors, drew on the style and conventions of the fold epic
beowulf is a ______ epic
characteristics of epics
en medias res
plot that opens in the middle of the action
characteristic: opens by stating the subject or purpose, followed by an invitation of a muse or supernatural force who would help tell the story
have a serious tone but pompous in nature to show importance of events, long speeches to suggest impressive formality as well as lists of battles, weapons and royal gifts
a two or three word poetic renaming of people places and things
ankle biter
a very young child
fender bender
a slight car accident
pig skin
a football
tree hugger
an environmentalist
fighting gear
sleep of the sword
battle sweat
a pause in the middle of a line of poetry, where scops would stop or breath for dramatic effect
6th century scandinavia
setting of beowulf
fact, fiction
beowulf intertwines ______ with ______