Beverland play, and classical music helps customers to

et al. (2006) had conducted a research to study the link between music and the
evaluation of the brand and figured out that for those customers that are
little familiar to the brand consider music as an important factor that conveys
store image.

genres of music can recall customers’ feelings and therefore change their
attitudes. A study of Blackwell, Miniard and Engel (2005) showed the
development of store ambience via the involvement of human senses. So here is
what the authors test the influence of music on buying behavior: low volume
music helps retailers and customers get more interactive whilst length of stay
depends on how fast or slow music are play, and classical music helps customers
to have a sophisticated image on the store.

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relationship between daily sales volume and music in supermarket was studied by
Milliman (1982). The test was separated into 3 situations: Without music, light
music and heavy music. He found that when light music was played, the sales
volume increased and when heavy music leaded to low sales volume. The author
explained the reasons for this by stating that when there is light music,
people tend to spend more time in the supermarket therefore there will be a higher
chance they will buy something, and when heavy music is played, it makes people
spend less time in the supermarket. In other words, light music slows the rate
of traffic flow inside the store down rather than heavy music.

impact of music on the length of stay inside stores were also studied by Yatch
and Spengenberg (2000). They came to a conclusion that when customers are made
to listen to familiar songs, the length of stay decreases and when unfamiliar
songs are played, customers feel more pleasured.

experiments were conducted by Ferreira (2007), one was in a movie rental store
inside a private university, the other one was in a mall. The genres the author
use for the first experiment are classical and pop music. As the author
revealed, people tend to enjoy classical music than pop music but the length of
stay for pop music is longer than that of classical music. It is also in the
pop music situation that the number of rentals of the new released movies along
with the amount of average rental are higher.