Biodex its customers. The company has been operational

Medical Systems Inc. has been involved in provisioning innovative services and
varied products to its customers. The company has been operational for more
than sixty years and the existence is based on the dedicated employees serving
the organization (Biodex, 2018). The functional performance and the belief in
scientific basis for provisioning solutions in life is the core of the company.

possibility of exploration with the research and development takes place in a
phased manner within the company. The benefits of the company are not only
attributed to the employees and the stakeholders. Biodex Medical Systems Inc.
has been working on the side of Corporate Social responsibility too (Biodex,
2018). With the various functionalities deployed towards the domain of serving
the society too, the company has been actively involved in the projects with
the goal of environment friendliness and provisioning solutions for the economy
at a macro level.

& Services

company has been provisioning the products and services to the community for
more than 60 years. The science based solutions are provisioned with the basis
of cutting edge technology that is clearly visible in the processes and the sub
processes involved. Biodex Medical Systems Inc. has an employee base beyond 200
and the world class facilities at their centers.

company is known for the manufacturing of medical equipment along with the
supplies for the physical therapy too. The arena of nuclear medicine,
diagnostic and imaging marketplace is the other services that Biodex is known
for. Nuclear medicine has been one of a kind that is provisioned by the
company. The syringe and vial shields along with the shielded isolators and
storage devices form the competencies in the nuclear medicine (Biodex, 2011;
Saha, G. B., 2018). The radiation protective products along with the thyroid
uptake systems form part of the various products too offered by Biodex Medical
Systems Inc.

radiation detection along with phantoms, ultrasound tables, MRI stretchers and
scanners has been popular products as part of the kitty. The company also
boasts of C-Arm Tables along with ergometers, gait trainers, supported
ambulation and harnesses as part of their product list (Biodex, 2017; Tanguay,
J. et al., 2015). The services include the various applications with the
balance and mobility along with the wellness and neurological involvement. The
fall risk screening is provisioned with the software application.

Medical Systems Inc. has varied workshops that are conducted regularly and aid
in imparting the needed skills and the training. In the arena of radiation
therapy, the company has been working on various dimensions and provisioning
the needed education and training in the field.

Market & Distribution Strategy

target market for Biodex Medical Systems Inc. stands to be worldwide with the
products and services offered by it. The distribution network is unique for the
company with the chain of vendors and wholesalers linked to the company. The
retail too is offered by the company. Various companies are associated and
partnered with, while provisioning the apt distribution. The company is also
into exporting the various products and services that are offered through the
applications that can be downloaded and set up. The distribution channel also
encompasses the wide range of suppliers for the products to the company. The
logistics are also super class that is linked to the company. This assists in
getting to the target market with greater ease by Biodex Medical Systems Inc.