Biotechnology the people as it helps people prevent


Biotechnology is a vast field
which has found many applications in the field of medicine and agriculture.

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Biotechnology techniques have been used in the field of medicine to help
improve life and general human health. It has also been an advantage to the
people as it helps people prevent themselves from dangerous diseases. Genetic
engineering is a field of Biotechnology which has employs the techniques of
gene therapy, polymerase chain reaction, and recombinant DNA reaction.

Different applications today have been proved to be successful including gene
testing, pharmacogenetics, gene therapy and biopharmaceuticals.

One of the applications in
biotechnology which I would use three million to help the world is gene
therapy. It is a technique which is used to treat diseases like cancer and
Parkinson’s disease. It is a technique which is used to replace genes in the
body, with new cells being inserted into the body. They help destroy the
damaged cells or replace them. Healthy genes are aimed at changing the way old
damages genes worked, working towards the favor of the body and thus improving
overall body health.

My idea will by investing the
money to help develop a new system where research and development in medicine
will be of high priority. I will use this money to purchase machines which can
detect as well as remove damaged genes in the body. With diseases like cancer
and Parkinson’s being mainly genetic, having this huge investment will help
reduce the cases of these diseases by a greater margin. I will ensure that the
machines can detect genes which are harmful and that they can remove the genes
and replace them with the healthy genes.

I will also focus on improving
the infrastructure in health facilities which can be used in screening of
cancer and Parkinson’s disease. These screenings will be important in my plan
as it will play the role of determining the number of cases of the diseases.

Having the statistics will improve the manner in which I conduct the screening.

The cases of cancer have been on the rise making cancer leading killer diseases
around the world. It gives my plan credibility as it will focus on addressing a
threat to good health.

Raph and Michael (2014) argue
that these two diseases are to some extend related to each other with people
suffering from Parkinson’s disease being at a lower risk of developing cancer.

With the increased rare of these two diseases, it is important to take
necessary measures to ensure they are controlled and avoid the increased deaths.

Therefore, my plan will focus
on improving the health of victims who have cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Having cancer therapy machines will, therefore, make my plan viable and thus
will help improve the health status of the people.