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BIS 3999Information Systems Project Literature Review Tutor Name: Andreas AlbrechtSupervisor Name: Bob FieldsStudent Name: Saliha IdreesStudent Number: M00625112Campus: Hendon London   School Of Science And Technology    Aims: The main objective of this report is to research about the realistic facts and figures about social media impacts on our society. This study will gather the qualitative data which has been collected by other researchers. This theory will also empathize the negative and positive factors of social media.  Content:  1.0 Introduction……………………………………….………….


. 21.1 History of Social Media………………………….……..…….

…………22.0 Research Conducted………….………………….………..

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…………..32.1 Impact of Social Media………………………….

…………….………..32.2  Factors influence various age group……….……………………

….42.3 Future of Social Media………………………………………….………43.0 References……………………………………………………….


6       Literature Review Of Social Media Abstract: To figure out the impact of social media in our society and also to evaluate positive and negatives factors affect on various age groups.      1.0 Introduction:The research determines to show the positive and negative impacts of social media on various personalities. This study will show the main role of social media in our lives and highlight the effects of Social media which has been made in our lives.This review will illustrate the different researches made by other authors relevant to social media impacts on user’s health and lives.

Whereas, social media has put a lot of changes in our lives as compared to past years. Nowadays, it is very easy to collaborate and communicate with any person through out the globe with the help of social media. This method of communication has become most popular amongst the young upcoming generation.. Mandy Edwards has stated in his article that “Social media has also changed the way that we interact, mainly the way we have lost some of our social skills”.1 Social media has made it easy for users to communicate with each other.

However, there are some negative impact of social media as it has decreased the usage of social skills from users. People hardly use SMS or calls via phone. This is minimizing the social skills of people as people are avoiding face to face conversation and prefer to be busy on social media. 1.1 History of social media:Social media is the sort of websites and apps which can be used by people to collaborate with others through messages and video calls.

Mathew Hudson stated that “Social media is a series of websites and applications designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time. “2 In the starting of 1980s, the usage of home computers was increased expeditiously. The internet was used to transmit chats and it went very popular in late 1990s.The first significant site of social media was launched in 1997 which was known as Six Degrees. It allowed users to create their profiles online and also to make new friends through website.

Whereas, people started using blogging first site in 1999 which became the most famous blogging site of that time. 3The technology had been developing rapidly after that certain type of innovations. Tremendously, websites such as LinkedIn, MySpace were launched in 2000s.These sites were mostly used for business and employment purposes.

With the passage of time, Photobucket and Flickr were also introduced for sharing photos online. In 2005, YouTube and other websites were launched which developed the new method for people to share videos and to interact with audience. The most popular platforms of social media, twitter was launched in 2006 and Facebook was introduced before twitter in 2004, both platforms were available worldwide. These social networking sites were steadily popular even in this period. However, technology is changing day by day and generate new ideas for developers to create other unique applications such as snapchat and Instagram.

These applications have also been introduced in the technical world as a competition now and trying to be more famous amongst users.  2.0  Research conducted: The main purpose of this study is to do the literature review of social media impacts in our society. This research will be categorized into few sections.

Firstly, it will emphasize more on the main facts of social media. Depending on this understanding, the research method will be acquired to define some factors of social media to influence children or youth and also to predict the future of social media. 2.1 Impact of social media: The role of social media is much important today in our daily lives. The social media cannot only be used for business and educational purposes but also for personal use. The advantages of social media has tremendously increasing day by day. The users of social media are becoming very addicted as it helps them to communicate with others easily. This makes it comfortable for them to share their feelings or any moment of their lives publicly and to friends whenever they want.

Whereas, it allows users to change their privacy settings from public to friends only or to friends to public which makes them more comfortable in using such social media platforms. Maryanne Gaithe has stated in her article that  “Thanks to the internet, each person with marginal views can see that he’s not alone. And when these people find one another via social media, they can do things, create memes, publications and entire online worlds that bolster their worldview, and then break into the mainstream.Without social media, social, ethical, environmental and political ills would have minimal visibility.

Increased visibility of issues has shifted the balance of power from the hands of a few to the masses.”4This undoubtedly demonstrate that users do not feel alone anymore now as they can make new friends and find different people with the help of social media. It is also another way of entertainment like how people create funny videos or memes in order to grab the attention from large number of audience and to get more famous around the world.  However, there is always another side of each story. Every technology does have some flaws as nothing is perfect. The alternatives of each social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp,Snapchat and instagram has been developing now with the huge competition. Due to the advancement of technology, the threats and security issues are also growing.

There are many around us who have more knowledge of technology as compared to any ordinary person.The threats of hacking and spamming has been rising day by day.Due to the fact, these social media platforms need to put great privacy and security for their users accounts in order to prevent hackers from stealing their personal data.

Under Data Protection Act (1998), it is the responsibility of the organization to protect the data of users and ensure that it does not get leaked and shared with third party. However, users also need to be aware of some identity thieves and they need to be very careful while sharing anything online even to their friends.Sam Cohen also stated in his article that “You need to be very careful about what you post online, else, you will end up giving the would-be burglars, stalkers, cyber bullies and identity thieves the information they require to cause harm”.5  2.

2   Factors influence various age group:  Social media is usually known as connecting people worldwide. Many children and teenagers have much of interest in using social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagrams. They usually spend much of time on social media and maintain their friendship using different platforms where they can share videos and also play games with their friends. Social media keep them connected with each other always.

 It is easy for adult and teenage to pick up the approach of new technology. However,it would be a disadvantage for olders to cope with these new technology such as snapchat and instagram. Senior people prefer to use facebook and linkedIn more to be connected with worlds and also for  professional purposes rather than using instagrams and snapchat.6 However,social media also  have some drawbacks. It affects the social and healthy lives of users as there is a high risk of influencing health of users. Children use social media could see various things on social networking sites such as any disturbing content or they could also become the victim of cyberbullying. This could cause their mental health and promote anxiety and depression. It’s not only relevant to children but adult also face these kind of health issues due to the usage of social media.

 Furthermore, the other issue has been raised in other article, Dr. Rauch stated that “This problem has definitely gained recent attention, We know that many people on social media sites often present idealized versions of their lives, leading others to make upward social comparisons, which can lead to negative emotions.” 7.

It indicates the health issue of users which has been produced by the usage of social media. Social media impact the emotional and depress sides of users by revealing the luxury lives of other users. It could cause harm to others or also increase the criminal activities in surroundings. 2.3 Future of social media World is growing day by day and people are trying to bring something new with more innovative ideas.

In past, it was not easy to communicate with others.However, technology has made it so easy for people to share their moments within few seconds.If we think about future, then we can see it clearly that the usage of social media is spreading rapidly and it is taking place of others collaborative means. The emarketers has planned that in just 4 years, most of the population of the world will be seen on social media. The researchers has predicted that usage of social media platforms would be pervasive and it will be used in our daily roles in various manners.

8Therefore, we have seen a leading development of social media videos in 2016 when instagram launched their stories and live sessions for their users. Due to this,Facebook also introduced their facebook stories on messenger and live videos on facebook app.The focal point of video attraction has been taken into account by various platforms and later snapchat also came into the market with their new features. The CEO of PHL Venture company,Jay Singh said in his interview that “We continue to see a shift toward live content that is composed through a camera. The camera keeps growing in importance and the ability to see through other people’s lenses in real time is becoming a powerful force in social media.

“9It means that in future, social media will be focusing more on videos and images more rather than non images content features.Whereas, there will be a challenge for businesses as it will be bit difficult for them to do marketing through social media such as Facebook as the competition will be increasing and people may use  other platforms like Instagrams etc.It will be hard for the companies to focus on one specific platform in order to communicate with their customers.Therefore, people are now get more attracted to snapchats and instagram as compared to facebook or twitters so these platforms needs to more creative in future in order to get more attention of their users.10Social media has many of its advantages towards different professionalism but it also has some negative impacts which could damage the social skills of various users and also impact their health issues seriously. In order to avoid these issues, users need to be more careful while doing social networking and they also need to take care of their privacy while being online.  References:   1.

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